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  1. Meh on this signing (more of a tryout, but yeah). I'm over hating him when he betrayed us to chase the money in rags land, but don't see where he fits. He's also DONE.
  2. USAkid90

    Rick Nash To NYR

    As much as I believe Nash is overrated (not worth 7.8 mil), he's definitely a legit top 6 forward and the Rangers won this trade by far. How can Sather be so average with free agency, but rip off people in trades most of the time? Dubi and AA are nice pieces, but they're 3rd liners (2nd liners in spades). Erixon has a chance to be something special, but they had plenty of depth at defense to include him. The 1st round pick is up in the air and it'll most likely be late. Just, ugh..
  3. Unreal... The Kings actually got outplayed for literary the first time in the playoffs by us and they pull off a win...
  4. Probably more like a 5th-7th seed without Hank, it's amazing just how good he is.
  5. I swear to god the Rags are a good team, but they've been fvcking getting breaks all fvcking season The goal they scored hit the board and went off Marty's pads and in...unreal
  6. Still think we can win, but the Rags aren't the Flyers. REALLY REALLY HOPE we can take Game 2 because going down 2-0 against that team will be similar to torture.
  7. And btw, I do think we need to replace Marty eventually, but anyone that blames him for tonight's game needs to actually watch the games.
  8. This How about *Gasp* giving some credit to the other team which rarely happens here (even if it is the rags)
  9. They definitely don't suck. And if their offense is anemic what is ours? We got shutout by the queen. This is what worried me about the Rags and I wanted the Caps to win. That fvcking guy in the net that they have fvcking owns the sh!t out of us and it makes me sick.
  10. fvck YEAH! ECF here we come I figured we'd lose this game, but didn't expect Giroux to actually be suspended. Helped us and now onto facing either the Rags (most likely) or the Caps.
  11. Hope so, but Torts teams always have GREAT conditioning. Them getting majorly tired may not be the case with that team
  12. Rags don't scare me, it's the Queen that does. I said we could beat the Flyers despite how good their offense is. The Rags match up well with us. Like I said, I still think the Kings will win the cup when it is all said and done.
  13. Like you, knew they'd score after that goal late in the 3rd. I still think LA will end up winning the cup, but it'll probably be LA vs Rangers in the SCF. Did the Bruins luck run out last season? I hate it with a deep passion, but it's the Rags season. It's clearly not luck at this point though they should have fvcking lost this game. It'll be us vs them in the ECF
  14. If we advance, and the Caps can knock off the Rags (that team scares me, mostly cause of the Queen), I sense very big things for us. The only other team that scares me are the Kings. That team peaked at the CORRECT time. They're on a hot streak and past winners have had that in their favor.
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