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  1. I was just yelling to myself about him, he looks terrible tonight.
  2. He had said something in an interview around the time of the signing saying that he and Suter had been in contact duding the SCF talking about how great it would be if they could play together. So, not really a rumor. He said it and he shouldn't have, which shows his immaturity.
  3. I would have been bummed had he just decided to leave to play in his home state, but the fact that he was rumored to be talking to Suter about their futures during the Stanley Cup Finals is despicable. He can think to himself all he wants about possibilities for his future at that point, but it was very immature of him to be texting back and forth with his boyfriend about where they could both end up playing together. That's what really gets my blood boiling, that he was planning something before the season was over when the Stanley Cup was at stake.
  4. Take this for what it's worth but my dad called me last night to tell me some rumors he had heard regarding Parise. My dad goes to the same physical therapist that works with a bunch of the Devils including Parise. The guy is actually going to Parise's wedding, so I guess they're somewhat close. The PT told my dad that Parise had been offered 8 years/$80 million with a $20 million signing bonus. This seems quite high to me and I don't necessarily believe it, but who knows. And how is it legal for teams to already be approaching Parise or floating offers? Does the signing bonus get spread over the life of the contract and contribute to the cap hit?
  5. http://video.thescore.com/watch/kovalchuk-and-carter-share-salt Can't figure out how to embed video. Any help?
  6. My bad, that's what I meant...$1386.
  7. This is for a pair. You would split the games, so you would go to 11 games and my dad would go to 11 games.
  8. My parents live in NJ, I do not, and my dad is looking to split a weekend season ticket package (pair of tickets, so you would go to 11 of the 22 games, and my mom and dad would go to the other 11 games) with someone. Is anyone interested in possibly purchasing half of the plan? He's looking at the orange section which goes for the price of $2772 for the pair, or rather half of that if you'd like to split with him. Thanks. Weekend Season Ticket Plan -Jeremy
  9. I'm heading to the Tavern in Central Square to watch the game. I already called to ensure that they get it. A buddy of mine is supposed to meet me there too...I'll get there during the 1st intermission. You're more than welcome to swing by and grab a drink with a fellow Devils fan. -Jeremy
  10. This is so ridiculous if true. A lot of odd-man rushes are sprung from blocked shots. Just watch when the Devils have their shots blocked...it's frustrating and cripples your offense. This is a bonehead request by Marty.
  11. Eh, any Devils fan is a friend of mine. Especially living in MA for 7+ years...it gets incredibly annoying to always be rooting for a team by yourself.
  12. So, it looks like I'm going to have to stay a little late at work unfortunately, but I'm still planning on heading out somewhere to watch the game (the 2nd and 3rd periods anyway). Most likely I'll shoot to stay in the Cambridge area...probably head to the Tavern in Porter Square. If anyone is interested in meeting around there let me know. Email is jbgordon@alum.mit.edu. -Jeremy
  13. Hey all, Since I live in Boston, I rarely get to watch any games with fellow fans. So, I was wondering if anyone will be heading to a local Boston bar to watch the game. Go Devs!! -Jeremy
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