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  1. Technically not after the announcement since it was yesterday afternoon when it was being reported that it was going to be official, but a white Pro Edge from River City Sports. I figured with the length of time he's guaranteed to be a Devil it wouldn't hurt to splurge in this case. I would have already bit back in July when the first contract was announced but I was unemployed at the time and even though I wasn't exactly hurting financially (unemployment was basically covering my living expenses so my sizable severance payout from my last job of 10 years essentially wasn't being touched ) I wasn't buying anything at the time just in case none of my leads panned out.
  2. Out here in the western 'burgh 'burbs (where it appears I got ~20" total), I was without power for 21 hours (4 AM Sat - 1 AM Sun) and without water for 15 1/2 (6:30 PM Sat - 10 AM Sun). Fun fun! And while most roads are currently fine, the only road in and out of my apartment complex is still snow-covered as of this moment and not real fun to drive. Oh yeah, we also have a new winter storm watch for another storm that's supposed to come through Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. They're not giving a real estimated amount yet, just 6+". I guess we'll see...
  3. To clarify / correct, this actually isn't a spat between DirecTV and Cablevision; it's a spat between the NHL and Cablevision. No NHL Center Ice providers are broadcasting MSG / MSG+ HD feeds (meaning Devils, Rangers, Islanders, and Sabres) outside the NY local markets even if they're carrying those channels. Very frustrating given that we actually were getting MSG / MSG+ HD for about half of last season on DirecTV before they were taken away from us. It just adds to the insult that DirecTV is (since they're legally allowed to and this spat doesn't extend past NHL broadcasts) still carrying the Knicks games in HD, for example, on NBA League Pass.
  4. Googer

    F**king NHL & MSG

    BTW, the Devils MSG+ HD feed is in fact on tonight on NHL CI on DirecTV. Tomorrow's Devils-Kings game is also supposed to be, but then next Wednesday's and Friday's games aren't currently listing the HD feeds, so I'm not real sure what to think just yet. I guess it's possible the online NHL CI schedule isn't complete / 100% accurate as of right now, but AFAIK it's been pretty accurate in the past... Edit: and then to leave you further wondering, the Shark game on the 15th once again does list the MSG+ HD feed.
  5. Googer

    F**king NHL & MSG

    There may be light at the end of the tunnel regarding this mess - if you look in DirecTV's guide or NHL Center Ice schedule, starting late this week (specifically starting Feb 6th), HD feeds for MSG and MSG+ broadcasts are back on for NHL CI. Now let's just hope this is info is accurate.
  6. I must say this game was most satisfying to attend in-person to get finally get results at the end after complete domination from the beginning of the 2nd period through to the end. Thank god for the 'lucky' break off of Gill's skate to tie it because I was starting to feel sick to my stomach right around that point that the Pens were going to steal it. The fans' reaction to the Pens finally getting a shot or two relatively late in regulation, even though they were still leading at the time, was pretty laughable as well.
  7. Googer


    I definitely can't argue with that, but this was about best individual coaster. And CP is definitely lacking in the wood department, as the few they do have aren't particularly good, ranging from outright bad (Mean Streak) to fair (Blue Streak). In fact those are the only 2 'real' wooden coasters they have, since even though the Cedar Creek Mine Ride and Gemini have wooden structures, the trains ride on steel tube track, so they ride the same as a fully steel ride. OTOH, their collection of steel coasters is most impressive.
  8. Googer


    at Holiday World. More unrelenting and longer than El Toro. Not to mention how even more incredible it becomes at midnight when you can't see a thing either.
  9. Center Ice is good enough as well if all you care about is during live hockey games. Edit: never mind - I misread that - I was thinking sports pack, not HD access. Yes of course you need to have HD access to get any of the HD channels, as well as the correct reception equipment (dish and receiver) and (imagine this!) an HDTV to actually take advantage of HD. ...and finally I can definitely 100% confirm it's live - I'm watching Devils pregame in HD right this instant.
  10. Confirmed - MSG-HD and FSN NY-HD both went live @ 6AM this morning. Tonight's game is showing in the guide on both 624 and 769-1 (in the CI channel block) as HD.
  11. Update: Dec. 5th was the magic day! I confirmed firsthand that I'm now receiving MSG-HD and FSN NY-HD.
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