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  1. does anyone know when Marty is slated to return? I know there's been speculation about Thursday but I would really like to buy ticket for his first game back and I want to make sure I pick the right game and I know how closed-lipped the organization is about injuries and the like.
  2. I wish I could say that this surprises me but I've been to plenty of games vs. the Flyers at the Prudential Center as well as at Continental and even as the visiting team, Flyers fans are disrespectful, violent, and if you're sitting near any of them they make it impossible to enjoy the game (even in your own building!!!!) Last year, I went with a big group of friends to a Devils vs. Flyers game and a female Flyers fan very obviously INTENTIONALLY spilled an entire beer down my friends back after she had spent the whole game ranting at us anyway. Flyers fans, Eagles fans, Phillies fans...they're all the same. trrrrrrashy! and they wonder why no one likes them! As Doc said, "the Flyers are wearing their black jerseys today...and most of the Atlantic Division would say it's to match the color of their hearts."
  3. The Wild, the Blue Jackets, etc are still relatively new. I'm so tired of expansion teams! They water down the league.
  4. Marty should still be voted in! It's just a sign of respect! He's the best goaltender of all time and if he weren't injured he would have decimated every record by the All-Star Game!!!!
  5. Hi guys! this is my first post on here so I'm just introducing myself and saying hi and GO DEVILS!
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