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    try doing like eight or ten front squats in thirty seconds, followed by ten seconds of rest, and do this seven times. put 90 pounds on the bar and you will puke. i promise.

    i was kidding about the pork chop. just, you know, proteins. it would be stupid to stop lifting. lifting burns more fat than cardio does. also if you were fat at one point, you might have a hard time getting that six pack if you have any loose skin at all. skip the cardio!! or do tabata circuits

    it's mostly back and legs, i guess. i will post some pics of the powerlifting meet i attended at school when i'm back home and i have my laptop. right now the only pictures i have are from a wedding and my birthday party and i'd feel weird posting them here. my girlfriend is in all the shots. oh, sorry. no, when i weighed 170, my waist size was dramatically smaller. 29. i could also see my ribs.

    no it's cool. 6'1, ~240 pounds. i think i'm sitting somewhere between 12% and 15% body fat but i don't really measure that stuff - could be higher but i really doubt it's lower. the last time i had it measured was five or six (sh!t, come to think of it, prolly about eight) years ago and i was 170 pounds. as long as i keep a 36 inch waist i am happy, or i'd have to buy new pants. gym 3-4 times per week depending on work schedule. i try to do like four or five months of low weight / high reps followed by the same time period of high weight / low reps. i can't say i always go hard, but i try to. it depends on how i feel. right now i am working on my first 550 pound deadlift!!! i guess just try to keep carbs under control if you're trying to lose fat and you should be ok. eat a bunch of steaks with a bunch of fibrous vegetables, and wash it down with a porkchop blended into a protein shake. it is pretty hard to lose fat and gain muscle though. usually you end up losing fat and muscle, or gaining both. i don't like cardio so i don't do it, but if i had to do cardio i would probably do a whole bunch of tabata circuits and puke all over the gym.

    i tried blackpowder and other NOS type craps and none of them really work. they're like 95% caffeine so why not just drink a pot of coffee. i don't really care how awesome your pumps are if they don't help you make actual gains in the power cage. i am with DIG. creatine, fish oil, BCAAs. the real secret to getting swole is eating though. every time you work out, eat three double cheeseburgers and 40 mcnuggets and you will achieve unimaginable gains. edit: oh i see you are trending in the opposite direction. i don't know how to get unswole but i imagine it involves not eating three double cheeseburgers.
  6. music thread

    Lykke Li Grouplove
  7. Protein Shakes

    I've tried basically every protein shake out there I think and there's no difference between any of them aside from flavor. Buy the cheapest you can, and look around online for good deals. Same thing with all common supplements, really. Also ibuprofen helps a lot too.
  8. Protein Shakes

    I was / am pretty into powerlifting. I entered a couple amateur events at 181 (didn't do too well) and 220 (closer to my natural weight, and so much better) There are a couple keys to bulking up naturally. In general, you will never add serious muscle without adding at least some fat, but to minimize fat gains, you should keep your macronutrient ratios around 40% protein, 40% fat and 20% carbohydrates. Moreover, you want to consume at LEAST two grams of protein per pound you weigh currently. So, if you are a 200 pound man, you are looking at 400 grams of protein minimum. That's a lot of protein, and far and away more than the average person eats. To give a (poor) example, you'd have to eat 16 big macs to achieve that. Usually a protein shake is going to have around 40 grams per serving, so taking two servings before and after you work out, and one or two before bed is going to go a long way towards reducing the volume you need to eat. So while they're not necessary, unless you can eat like a heifer, you'll need them. The other keys are working out hard, and getting a lot of sleep. Stuff like creatine and fish oil help too.
  9. of Christian cop killer and terrorist Maurice Clemmons. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/11/30/AR2009113000591.html every religion has fvck ups and nutjobs? you don't say
  10. Favorite and least favorite athletes

    favorite Hockey: Scott Stevens, Troy Crowder Baseball: Mariano Rivera! Football: Donovan McNabb MMA: Wanderlei Silva least Hockey: Avery Baseball: the red sox. all of them football: the cowboys. all of them mma: i don't really dislike anyone all that much. i guess Jardine
  11. Herschel Walker Signs Deal With Strikeforce

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QFdJw2G7ds Hong Man Choi vs. Jose Canseco
  12. Herschel Walker Signs Deal With Strikeforce

    Strikeforce's heavyweight division is probably better than UFC's at the moment. You have the #1 and #2 heavyweights in the world fighting there, in Fedor Emelianenko and Alistair Overeem. After that you have a bunch of pretty decent filler, like Werdum. If it's not just a stunt, Overeem is going to kill him, but Fedor will probably only break his arm.
  13. UFC Thread

    Go Carwin. I'm looking forward to Tito vs. Coleman. I really hope Coleman wins, and if he doesn't gas in the first round, I think he will. do some cardio coleman please =(
  14. Giants vs Jets fans in NJ/NY

    how about eagles fans in new jersey go eagles
  15. Jersey Etiquette

    I want a Crowder Christmas tree jersey.