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  1. It's just me hoping for even more snow??

    1. TheMazz


      I love the winter. We haven't had a snowfall like this in two to three years (seems like it anyway.) I'm wishing for it as well.

  2. You know when this generation is lost, when your friend's son asks: " what is a Rambo?"

    1. aylbert


      That was a horrible movie in 2008... I never got why people still reference 'Rambo'. :)

  3. kicking myself in the balls.

    1. Dead


      Post a youtube?? ;op

  4. kicking myself in the balls.

  5. Now what?? i have to watch soccer again???

    1. mouse


      At least the soccer's good.

    2. Cachorro Louco

      Cachorro Louco

      My team got relegated to 2º division this year LOL

  6. "We are competing to win... and if you no longer go for a gap, you are no longer a racing driver...."

  7. Another Police strike in Brazil... Watching an hoping it doesn't turn into National Strike.

  8. how could you not vote for Vermin Supreme??

  9. Finally I found my colorado rockies lucky hat.

  10. Unless my soccer wins on Sunday an two other teams lose. we gona relegated to a minor league. fvck my Life...

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    2. Cachorro Louco

      Cachorro Louco

      Yes it is the Brazilian League, but the top Division out of 4. Right now we are on the "Serie A" the Premier division and each year 4 teams get relegated to "Serie B" as well 4 from "Serie B" got promoted to play on "Serie A" each year.

    3. Derlique


      ahh just like the EPL and most other European leagues. Best of luck to your teams

    4. Cachorro Louco
  11. It's official Formula1 coming to NJ starting 2013.

    1. Quinn01



    2. Cachorro Louco

      Cachorro Louco

      Actually no is gonna be a street circuit in west New york and weehawken.

  12. No Pub Crawl for homeopening this year?

    1. devs82fan


      yes there is one this year..type "2011 Devils Opening Night Bar Crawl" into facebook.

  13. Is that Msweet on News 12

    1. DevilMinder


      Yes it is, they were at his store this morning. Hes a celebrity now

    2. Colin226


      When will msweet be signing at Sports Minded?

  14. last week to register for the Secret Santa

  15. Registrations open for our Secret Santa

  16. Wait what?? Born in Brazil wich part of Brazil??

  17. going to meadowlands to see Brazil vs USA

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