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  1. Well i have elevated lead blood levels from working as industrial painter around 25 ug/dl  , and so far i haven't turned into a Flyers or Rangers fan so my nervous system should be ok lol.

    Lead tricks your system into thinking that lead is calcium,   so eating foods high in calcium is one way to keep you lead blood levels in check. 

    Garlic is by far the best food to fight lead off it act as chelation agent...

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  2. Also I heard about this last week but figured some might not have heard. Copper mine pub is closing for good at the end of the month. Never been there but heard lots of good things in regards to their beer selection.



    Their beer selection is great, but the bar was on the small side an the location is kind of out-the-way, I think they are closing more because of the location than anything else IMO.

  3. Since we are talking about grey area already, i'm gonna share my experience with a "pirate IPTV" 


    First of the cons, well since is pirate thing you can't complain about the service, some channels will go up an down, the image quality is not gonna be HD it wil be btw SD and HD, there is ocassional freezing.


    The good thing, is you get access to channels outside the USA, like TSN, Eurosports,sky sports etc.. and that for a price that will be $108 a year, Will be since the service i benn using is doing a free trial..


    Heres is the link  for more info: 


  4. you guys do realize that "pinto" is a slang for pecker in portuguese??


    anyhow this will be one the few game i will be able to watch live this season, probably tomorrow i will be able to go to the rock for the first time in over a year, so maybe that bring some good luck.






    But probably not..

  5. hate the idea... if they wanna make more $$$ try to figure out ways to sell the NHL outside the USA/CAN, make offer to tv channels in other countries starting with a low price and going up with the tv ratings...

    now just putting ads on jerseys is lazy, ugly idea and for 4 mil only a year.

  6. Newark a wasteland??? I worked the past 3 weeks in Camden painting one of the water towers, and that place it is just fvcked up.. Midday half of the store are closed, at least one in three houses are either burned or abandoned. 


    Newark still has potential, but they have to come out with something creaative to stand out.

  7. Good article, but I have a hard time believing they think they will make Newark as destination or as they called it a town square. I wonder if they bought up some of the property in the area like JVB did. I really don't believe people in NJ even think like this, especially in regards to the Devils. I guess maybe if it was outlets or something that might get some interest, but I see it as a drive/train in and drive/train out location.



    Well if was me calling the shot in Newark. i will just hire this guy and give Cart-blanche.



  8. Sometimes i come on  this board and imagine how would some people react if the NHL had the same system as Soccer, where the bottom 4 teams are kicked into a minor league just because they sucked that season.


    Or better yet your team being fined $50k, and losing 20 home games because there was a fight at the stands like what happened last sunday with Atlético-PR vs Vasco.

  9. Commuted from Toms River to Philly to work at 4 in the morning, jetting up to Newark from Philly immediately following work to get to the Rock just in time for puck drop, to commute back to Toms River, and then back to Philly for work again at 4 in the morning. Please make this worth it for me Devils. LGD!



    You Sir are awesome!

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  10. large.png  VS large.png


    7:00 PM




    Yeah Coming back from a Road trip from hell to face our biggest rival, certainly winning or losing tonight will be a turning point for the rest of the season.



    And now time for some bullsh!t superstitions:



    and of course:

  11. Looks like the players want to get ride o DeBoer... I admit havent watch a lot a games due to work. But still even sh!tiest team win. IMO theres no way we suck that much the players want to get trid of DeBoer

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    It looks ok, kind of getting sick of these remakes though, the original looks better, not a fan of the car bomb either........



    Went to see "We are the Millers" yesterday, and it was better than i expected, i thought the trailer might have all the best moments but actually there is a lot of funny stuff in that movie. Well worth a watch if you dont want to be challenged and just want a laugh and to relax.



    The car bomb thing i'm pretty sure is  courtesy of the PG-13 rating...


    Also a few months ago i watched " The Last Gladiators" i was quite surprise because i was expecting a documentary that pointed the finger to hockey because of the "Violence" of the sport, But the first part of the documentary felt like a tribute for the enforcer/fighter/goon. even glorifying the their role on the team.


    The second part was just on Nilan's downfall and trying to get his life back together, and again i was surprised that they didn't point the finger on hockey and state that his role as fighter was the sole culprit of Nilan's problems, of course they suggest that hockey was played a part on his fall from grace, but for me there is big difference in suggesting and stating...

    Finally i enjoyed even more the documentary because i only been watching hockey for four years and i still learning the history of hockey.

  13. It's kind of topic, but i don't feel like starting another thread for that, Last week i came across a article about how the NBA is actually pursuing some over the air tv-station in Brazil to make a deal and air- almost every day of the week a game with the chosen tv station.


    why the  hell the NHL doesn't make something similar, it doesn't even have to be in Brazil but some other country, they always talk about expanding the Fan-base, so far i have seen little effort to get people to watch hockey outside USA and Canada.

  14. finally the trailer for RoboCop 



    I confess i'm on the hype train because the director is brazilian, and mostly because the last two movies of him were brilliant, seriously if you haven't watched "Elite Squad 1" and "Elite Squad 2: enemy Within" , do yourself  a favor go on the link below pay four bucks and watch the first movie  porra!!



     if  you did not like the movie for whatever reason go to a hospital take a MRI scam cause you probably have brain tumor...


    Now the second one is even easier to watch Both Netflix and Amazon Prime have the title for free.



    Of course my hype took a dive straight dow to  a pile a sh!t, when i was announced the studio decided to make the movie as PG-13 rated, after that rumors startin circulating that Padilha wasn't so happy doing the movie because he didn't have much "creative liberty". 

    But after watching the trailer i kind regained the hype i lost, of course the movie isn't gonna be as good as the original, but is not gonna a bad remake either.




    So this my take on this movies.


    And watch the freakign goddam movies i cited already...

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