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  1. It's not impossible if you are not the one who has to do it!

  2. I've been absent from this board for a long long time and I'm guessing everyone forgot that I always stated that Kovalchuk was a waste, a mistake, and I got a thorough thrashing for it back when he came to the team. NO one listened they were excited to see when Kovy would take a dump, how emotional it was when he scrapped his glove across the ice when he scored a supposed "big goal", and how big one eye from the other which perhaps made him as "sick" as he was. I was not the only one, but people failed to see the writing on the wall. They wanted him to be the messiah when all he really did
  3. Chorske17

    New TG post

    I agree the door swings both ways, but why do other fans (NON-Devils supporters) I speak with agree with me? Why don't we talk about his injury or whatever it is he has wrong with him? How about the one game benching? No noe gets well from one game being off unless it wasn't worth resting for to begin with.
  4. Chorske17

    New TG post

    I guess when you want to see something that isn't there you do. You guys make me chuckle about half as much as seeing everyone jump ship from the Devils. I saw it coming. I was wrong about Brodeur, but that was about it. I hope they give the "C" to Kovalchuk so I can find even more reason to dislike him.
  5. Chorske17

    New TG post

    Will we ever learn the truth about Kovalchuk? I don't know. I do know that he was out performed by guys on the forth line right before the Filthadelphia series game were he got sat. Why won't they come out and say what the injury is? This is very "interesting"! As per a bulging disc or two... My wife got hurt on the job and sucked it up with that injury. She worked thru the incredible pain with a MUCH less salary that involved walking all day, outside, and carrying heavy packages. I wouldn't equate it with a game since she did for much longer than a game and for so much less than Kovalch
  6. I've heard people say "It's just business" with these guys leaving. I guess you can call that, but I think you have to look at WHY they are not interested in staying? Is it the money? Maybe. Do they want a chance to win? Yes. Do they feel their best chance of winning is with the Devils? I doubt it. If they thought their best chance of winning was with Kovalchuk and crew, I think he'd they accept something smaller to stay. Maybe there is no money or perhaps they just don't like the new Devils? What else could it be? If it was purely about money, both would've been gone already as
  7. Phew, I held my breath. Don't worry the team I wanted to win won!
  8. I stand by everything I said about Kovalchuk. The Devils paid too much, didn't get enough out of him for someone who led the NHL in forward minutes, has no defensive awareness/desire (see HEART) and suddenly disappeared in the finals after he supposedly got well (or better) after one game against Filthadelphia. I continue to find the soltuion for goaltending, defense, more depth at center, and a powerplay who does not have such high risk on the point (see Kovalchuk) to be top concerns for next year. The Devils got farther than I thought and I thought I might eat my words until game one of
  9. Pay extra special attention at around 40 seconds left in regulation. Doc says, "Koval-Suck" instead of Kovalchuk. Oh I laughed so hard... You just can't make that crap up!
  10. If there was ever a match-up that said "SWEEP" before it started it was the Panthers vs the Devils. Even a 4-1 win or worst case scenario 4-2 Devils win would have been something concievable, but yet here we are in game seven. Despite the win in game six, this Devils team has not shown the heart to want to win. The Devils looked like they expected to win versus "wanted" to win the majority of the games versus the Panthers and even if they advance to the 2nd round, I fail to see the heart of a team that can win past the 1st round. There is no blame on one player, but the team itself. I ju
  11. piss poor effort tonight by almost everyone on the Devils. Kovalchuk turned the puck over SIX times to Dave Bolland and that was JUST him. The Hawks didn't even give a solid effort and are without star forward Toews, solid defenseman Duncan Keith, and have struggled all-year on the powerplay. This game could've easily goe the other way and OH did it almost. If the Devils want to get out of the first round... well, they better figure out a way to manage those minutes and get some defense and scoring. It's just one game, but some of the same flubs by the same individuals seems to happen. I
  12. Very lucky win. Two games without a goal is not good. Remember there are NO shootouts in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I guess there is not need to worry though as all teams go through scoring droughts.
  13. First, I still have trouble getting past "Kovy" not referring to Kovalev who was nicknamed that first. Where did I "rip him"? I merely stated facts and pointed out what he has done. He has scored some nice goals and went on streaks. Where was he tonight or in general for the past 15 games in terms of goal output? Don't worry no matter what I say, he'll still be here tomororw unfortunately.
  14. Why didn't Kovy stick up for Kovy? He's dropped the gloves before. He should do it again. The bigger question is why didn't anyone "show-up".
  15. I like how this "NEW" News. The Devils have always had trouble with attendance and marketing. The key factor for the Devils has always been hard-work and a frugal GM who would say, "this is what you are going to make... take it or leave it." While at times it was not what I agreed with, it worked and worked for years. No one can deny from 1987-88 when they first got to the playoffs until the 2009-10 they were a team based upon on drafting, goaltending, and defense first. That was a business model that had not changed until now. Kovalchuk while being a tremendous talent has made quite the
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