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  1. I gave you an earthquake for a belated birthday present RD --- hope you enjoyed it! Seriously -- did you feel it today? and seriously - -Happy birthday!!
  2. dude - it's not a snow day for you, yeah?
  3. Yeah - I didn't need the "infected" question answered...now it looks like a big portion of the season will be devoted to that...oh well.
  4. Darwindog

    Snow Wed...

    see and I think this part of the storm is going northwest of Jersey -- the rain down south will go out to sea or crap out if it's supposed to be a Nor'easter in terms of wind direction seriously -- book it! Dog knows!
  5. Darwindog

    Snow Wed...

    I predict we get a light dusting... 2 inches max Snow to the left and snow to the right but we'll be in the basically snowless pocket! Book it!
  6. Jerry - part of me agrees with you too -- these hits are out and out dangerous. The fact it's one guy choosing to hit another like that is disturbing... but to me it's equally as disturbing when gymnasts do these insane tricks and far too many amateurs end up para- or quadriplegics. Jockeys pushing each other around at high speed, close range on skitish animals that weight over a ton? Competition is messed up and impairs judgement... the hits aren't as bad as the poor dude falling unprotected to the ice. I dont know what to tell you...
  7. I can eat deer sh!t and not puke --- but that picture... man - enough to make a dog sick!
  8. Oh bullsh!t -- hits = good goonery = stupid. making someone answer for something is just nonsense - it never works for one thing -- someone tries to goon it up and gets a turtle and the Devils goon looks flacid and helpless and the team looks all the worse for a halfassed response. Or you get a Bertuzzi -- fights are fun but trying to prove something is counter-productive when it's premeditated -respond int he moment OK -- but work for a response and it's for sh!t and says nothing but poor discipline and stupid Flyers kind of goon mindset. The response is to score - to win the game and say it's all part of hockey. and Stevens ALWAYS followed through with the elbow rising. The Lindros hit had an elbow that rose that high after contact. The Karia hit was that "late" EDIT: OK he didn't actually always but minimally he'd shake the dude off his arm like he was a booger.
  9. OK -- I admit I haven't read many of the posts here -- it's latish -- but it's a nice one. Timing was undoubtedly off... but Stevens for sure could have gotten that off on a hit now and then...what can you do. I liked it. I did... sorry folks. My response is: suck it up -- it's part of the game. What was Salmela thinking? He wasn't is the thing of it....or he was and it was worth it to him...you know? I dont know what else to tell anyone who's all honked off about it. It's hockey
  10. YEah SC I sort of thought the same thing, but reached kind of the same conclusion NJdevs26 did. This team had too many cards in it's hand - but not any cards of certain value. GMs can get stupid too... they can say they want Parise for their marquee player - "it's only fair" but it's not - it's stupid... but they dont care because they don't want to deal with NJ - not literally not figuratively. I don't know why some GMs want to just trade headaches hoping some other guys trauma will work out for him. I sometimes feel like GMs won't make the trade that needs to be made because they don't want to be judged by the media. I'm not sold on Phaneuf - and I think the Sutters should have come to the Devils first with a real deal after the deep dicking Brent handed out. I'm certain their pride wouldn't allow reasonable dealings taking the past into consideration. That's the way all GMs are too. To me Lou does what's best for the team -- not his ego. I'm tired and blabbing...
  11. Well...actually...I'm a dog. So money is kind of irrelevant to me. Money isn't about money. The point of my tongue in cheek comment that started this little side branch wasn't about money either. Without reading the after-comments I edited in my opinion to that post- I'll say it again because your being idiotic calling a dog's off the cuff cracks idiotic. Kovalchuk isn't invested in anything emotionally except his family to a degree and having a pleasant life as a successful hockey player. He has no clue where it is he can be a successful hockey player - not Atlanta that's for sure. I think anyone will be a successful hockey player in Detroit - I think there are a lot of up and coming places. Jersey is tested and successful but it has it's drawbacks and the desire to win is NOT a selling point for the team at this point. He's going to have to enjoy the system and feel he's making a significant impact without bearing the entire load for the teams success. Detroit is where a guy like that belongs and it will take a lot of selling in a very limited time to convince this guy to sign. by the same token he'll have to impress the organization equally if he wants to stay. It's not about the finesse for New Jersey so... we'll just have to see.
  12. I'm one stupid dog... it never entered my wee noggin how many people would go nuts buying tickets just to see Kovalchuck! DUH?
  13. Spoken like a dude who knows no one with money, and has ZERO clue what it's like to have money oh yeah -- and has never been involved in any high stakes negotiating...
  14. Yeah -- I think he has an inkling --- but I'm not sure he's really remembered anything. I think there's 2 time lines too -- I think they're going to converge somehow - so that's probably the fun of this season. I loved Juliet's lines about coffee - I think she meshed into the other timeline... but thing of it is... this new time line with no plane crash -- I think everyone had better take it easy and survive there because I think that's the final destination when the on island story wraps. So just for example: if jack dies in the new timeline no matter how great he succeeds on the island it's curtains for his life. But maybe there will be some nice "come with me to a better place" moment or something for those we'd like to see at peace.
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