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  1. Looking to buy 4 tix to the pens game on 12/31, lower bowl or clubs preferred, please message me, thank you!
  2. now that it looks like the arena lounge is closed, is there anything close to that side of the arena? i park at mulberry/lafeyette and that place was very close to parking and was great that i didnt have to walk to the other side of the arena... thanks
  3. thanx 414 works...99 still doesent for me
  4. any one have cablevision? its suppose to be on the preview channel but its still showing the preview channel even the the description says devs vs caps.... err
  5. they finally fixed it...sigh
  6. anyone else having probs w cable vision???? rangers pregame is on all msg channels!! the devs game was on then all channels changed to the rags...
  7. If any one is looking to get rid of 3 or 4 blackhawks tickets on 4/2 please let me know, thanx
  8. no idea..u may want to call them and find out. It says shipping by 3/14 but a lot of places seem to be gettin them earlier, not sure if any one knows for sure.
  9. my friend ordered a parise last year and it looked great..i think its bc they are pressed instead of sewn on is what ppl have a problem with??? but to answer ur question ..no u will probably not notice a difference but some ppl i guess take a lot of pride in having it done 'right'
  10. ...and any jersey for that matter. NHL.COM is having a 1 day sale today that includes free customization on any jersey. I kno some of u dont like the way they do the customization but for the price u cant beat it (at least that i have seen). Hopes this helps some one. http://shop.nhl.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3984985&cp=3169596&clickid=body_bestsell_img
  11. game start early? already half way thru the 1st...
  12. millbury - "Loungo is good but broduer owns this league" regarding canada goalie 'issue'
  13. modells has them as well... def on the parise cant recall on the langenbrunner...
  14. pence

    3rd Jersey idea

    looks like the all star jerseys from a few years back
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