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  1. Come on Devils!!!! Bring the fire and the passion that you've lacked this whole post season. Show them who's boss and let them know that this is our arena and they are NOT welcome here!!!! Specialty teams be alert!!!! T-minus 3 hours!!!! Please give me something to be happy and proud about. Plans changed, and I will be in the house tonight =] Come on all devils fans, we don't want the cheers of those flyer's fans to take over our arena. Let's silence and embarrass them!!!!
  2. Where do we go from here?

  3. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing!! The devils might get into the mindset that they could beat the flyers so easily with two our their big name players out. sh!t happens.. there's always that one event or set of events that happens in the playoffs that is either beneficial or hurtful to a team. we can't do anything about it. it wouldn't bother me, as long as we win it!
  4. ..This will teach them a lesson for next year. If you get the oppurtunity to pick your opponent in the playoffs, take the damn oppurtunity. we could've been up against boston and had a better chance. whatever it takes to win or just get past the first round atleast.
  5. So annoying! All I keep thinking about, is that team, that backed up Clemmenson and was behind him 110%. Why can't they be that way during the playoffs?! Stop thinking you can depend on Brodeur, because it's apparent you can't! Stop trying to find a clear path for a shot, just shoot it! Stop taking stupid penalties and letting your emotions get the best of you! Just STOP IT!
  6. I definitely agree with those who say it's partially Lemaire's fault. He's CONSTANTLY changing up the lines and linemates and they never get a chance to friggen try to get any chemistry...so when they're in a jam or even a good situation, they don't know who to pass it to and they get all jumbled up.
  7. Andy Greene is friggen awesome! He's my hero. haha
  8. Rolston needs to NOT be playing. I think Pando would even be a greater impact than Rolston!!
  9. ..I think they made a good decision with that call. Anybody else?
  10. LET'S GO BOYS!! (or shall I say men?) It would be nice to see some more offense from our defensemen and settle with all the penalties. We could get this one done tonight if they keep their emotions in check and battle their a*ses off!
  11. Come on Devils! Get your sh*t together and come out with some fire for the third period! Make them sorry they ever beat the Rags to make it here. ..Any opinions on changing out one of the defensemen for Fraser? Or do you guys like it the way it is tonight?
  12. AHHHHHHH!!! GET ER' DONE DEVILS!! Peters is going to be looking for some fights tonight.
  13. I took a vow to never like any teams associated with NY.. I don't like baseball to begin with, but even when it comes to football, I can't even like the Jets or Giants. It's crazy, my whole family is this way. My uncle and brother like the Packers, my dad likes the Dolphins, and I like the Colts. F*ck the yankees
  14. No1betterNJDevs


    In pic number 8, in the backround, you can see Leblond talking to someone to the right of him..it's weekes dressed as Arlette..lol. it's not the pic everyone hoped for..like a full picture of him, but you can see it. lol he has a devils jersey on.
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