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  1. Matt- Good finally meeting you on saturday! Did you and your wife have a good time at the NOVA Game Worn expo? I had a blast. Later, Derek Thanks for all the pics!
  2. derek10


    As much as I like Zubie, he turned his 2 seasons with Ovechkin into his current contract. That and he played well for Buffalo on his little run with them in the playoffs of 06/07. Granted, he didn't score a goal for them in the playoffs, but on quite a few nights, he was there best forward.
  3. derek10


    Rockies- Great point. While with the Caps and others, he never put in a full 82 game season. He came close, but always had nagging injuries. I still feel that is some of the issue now (the wrist, or something unknown).
  4. derek10


    Hey all- First and foremost, let me say I am a Zubie fan. I live in DC and am a CAPS fan also. Since he is no longer with the CAPS, I still follow his career closely which has lead me to be a closet Devs fan. However, I will be the first one to say, this is what you get with him. On the nights he uses his frame effectively, he can be a VERY GOOD wing and a GOOD Center. There will be these lulls in production and effectiveness though. They can be frustrating to endure. Hence him bouncing from team to team like he has in his career. GMs love the size and skill set, they just don't always trans
  5. Matt/Jwomp/Super Jay- Great to see a group of collectors helping one another with various items/photos/research. The CAPS community is very much like this but I have seen others that are not. Very refreshing! This thread is priceless!!!! Hope to see some of you at the Northern Va/DC Game Worn Expo this Saturday. Derek
  6. Super Jay and Matt- I agree. I don't like the grab bags. I don't have the extra $400 or whatever it is to sink into one. If I have an extra $400 I would MUCH rather buy a specific Zubrus or something like that in a similar price range. Especially with most of the lower level (price) players, $400 can go a long way!
  7. Matt- When I went up to Meigray in December I looked at the Zub from Set 3/Playoffs. It had "ok" wear for a Set 3. Couple repairs and some marks. Obviously, as a Zub guy I would take it but I FULLY see your point about the whole grab bag thing.
  8. Matt- As always, MUCH appreciated. Can't wait for the expo. I'll have the Zub's and my other stuff there at my table. Derek
  9. Matt, Sweet! I appreciate the Zub pics. I will have a table set up at the Northern Va/DC Show on the 28th. Should be a good time, looking forward to meeting you in person. Derek
  10. Anybody notice anything (wear) on Zubrus' Red Set 2? Would like to get a red to go along with the white I have. Thanks!
  11. Matt- I assume you mean a "real" web page? Not like a Webshots style page like the one I keep? http://community.webshots.com/user/dsnewton19 Also, I've been looking for the older Caps pictures that you asked if I had. Still nothing, but amongst the Caps community, I'll find some.
  12. Matt- It was this shot. Notice the repair on the rib cage area and the patch repair on the left forearm area. The stick mark across the chest must have happened after this. I matched that to a later shot on getty. Derek
  13. Hello all- Been lurking for a while here. Great site. Just wanted to post and introduce myself. I got my first Devils gamer this week. It is the Dainius Zubrus 08/09 White Set 1. It was delivered on Tuesday from MGG and it is a very cool shirt. I would classify the wear as very good to excellent (at least talking in terms of the current shirts and their respective wear). Has 8-10 repairs depending on how you count and very good stick/puck marks. One being a stick slash across the lower hem up and across the crest. repairs range from small 1/4 inchers to 2-3 inch repairs. Also has a large "pat
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