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  1. If Subban performs like he is capable of performing and Hall is healthy then this team just went from missing the playoffs to at least making the 2nd round of the playoffs.
  2. Not gonna sit here and pretend I know what should be done...but what I know is that something needs to be done. We are putting a product that is not even slightly competitive on the ice. It seems we're getting mauled an awful lot this year. Can't even remember how many times we've conceded 4 or 5 goals this year. This is truly pathetic. I get that we're in reconstruction and all, but we can't keep winning one game and then show up for the next 4 or 5 games with absolutely nothing. I've come to peace with not making the playoff for more than a couple of years in order for the club to be reconstructed the proper way, but there's no excuse to not showing up to games the way we are.
  3. SS-SS

    2018 UFA Thread

    Especially that we are a team that just got out of a rough patch and like many teams who get out of those, sometimes the second season is not as successful and we could find ourselves not making the playoffs or exiting early in the playoffs. Add to that the fact that we don't know much about the overall strength of next year's draft. It would be silly to give our 1st round pick, not make the playoffs or make it and get out in the first round like this year only to find out its a good year to draft with good or very good talent in the first round. I feel like unless you are the team trading for Karlsson or another blockbuster of a deal, then you don't give your 1st. You can do that later at the deadline or next summer when the draft is nearing, but not before the season starts when we don't know how this year might go (we're not exactly stacked ala Tampa Bay or Toronto).
  4. SS-SS

    2018 UFA Thread

    I agree with you. It's at least worth to take a shot when its a guy like him. However, if the guy (Karlsson) does not make it 110% sure that he will sign an extension to Shero then its a no. Even with Ottawa now set to come out of this one with less than you'd normally expect for a guy like Karlsson, we'd have to give significant pieces and probably take on Ryan's contract. If Shero can't obtain this guarantee then Karlsson could go play for the Rangers for all I care. We just crawled back up from a long dark tunnel and I'm not willing to go back there for a guy who wants to ''make his girlfriend comfortable'' in another city 12 months after I got him at a big price.
  5. SS-SS

    2018 UFA Thread

    What circus Ottawa turned into in less than two seasons. I feel like Ottawa is stuck between trading Karlsson to one of the current contenders and not get anything good enough to even call themselves partial winners of the trade, try to trade him to a not so good team to only see Karlsson refuse because he wants the money and to become an instant SC contender or simply keep him and watch him leave for free. Messed up situation for Ottawa no matter what happens. Something also struck me in this article which is the fact that Karlsson does not want to commit to a long-term deal until ''him and his wife are comfortable in the new City''. I don't know about everyone else, but I find this to be a douchy move. You want the money, to be a contender and also the option to leave for free next summer, leaving the team that traded for you absolutely empty-handed? Just decide where you wanna go and stick with it instead of trying to fvck over two teams in the span of 12 months. If I'm a GM and I'm going to trade significant pieces of my organization for a player, be it roster players or promising talent, the last thing I'll take a shot at is a player who could simply pack his things and leave 12 months from now, leaving me empty-handed. If I'm trading for you, this extension better signed before you set foot off the plane.
  6. SS-SS

    2018 UFA Thread

    I'd rather overpay him a million or two via free agency than give up a 1st and Zacha while I also overpay, but this time for Ryan or Callahan. Of course there is also the argument about how hard it is to attract these players once they hit the FA market and that it's why Shero would be doing this type of move
  7. SS-SS

    2018 UFA Thread

    Not only that, we're supposed to be giving 1st round draft picks and receiving 2nd round ones in exchange while we also give Ottawa a prospect? All that for Tyler Johnson..Yeah I'll gladly take a season long hard look at McLeod and Zacha. If there is no draft picks leaving us, I'm okay with it, but I wont jeopardize my 1st round pick before the season even starts to facilitate a deal between two conference rivals. fvck them, let the dumb Rags do it as they always do.
  8. SS-SS

    2018 UFA Thread

    I don't get the "Zacha is a bust" movement. He obviously didn't hit the ground running like Nico, but most young players need time to develop and labelling him a bust after only two seasons is premature imo. I want him here unless he's a piece in a deal that gets us a very good player/prospect. Otherwise keep him even if it means him playing the wing.
  9. The fans are mad in MTL. Anybody think Shero can take advantage of this and take them for whatever they have left in decent players/prospect in a trade? They probably need defense more than anything at this point which is something we can't give them really,but it would be funny to see Shero pull a heist.
  10. SS-SS

    2018 UFA Thread

    Not a good day to be a Habs fan. After learning a few days earlier that Tavares doesn't even want to hear anything with the word ''Habs'' in it, today he signs with one of your great rivals who also happens to be a team that will dominate you for years to come The funny thing about all that is the delusion. I was driving home 2 days ago and they had a show on the radio with the fans pouring in one after the other, calling in to say how ''surprised'' they were that Tavares wouldn't even listen to the Canadiens offer. They really think a line composed of Ghallagher and Max Domi is what he was looking for . (I mean I can't anymore, I think I'll start exclusively drinking bottled water because idk what they put in this city's water) Additional slap to the face: Lots of the guys calling in and the show's host were talking about how Canadian teams are not attractive for Tavares and other top players because of the taxes...next thing you know, he sign's with the Leafs
  11. SS-SS

    Eric Gryba to NJ

    Maybe Shero is trying to move pieces in a trade that would include some of these bottom pairing guys and is somehow getting a replacement for them in order to not leave their spots open?
  12. Germany, like you guys pointed, did itself no favor. The squad selection is a weird one in many spots. You overlook Sane, but somehow include Draxler and actually start him two games in a row only to waste a substitution because the guy actually does nothing at all on the pitch. Germany has a pool of players that cover each position on a football pitch with at least 2 or 3 quality players and yet you go to the WC with Werner as your main striker. Werner is quality, but as any experimented coach would've known, not in the group stage where every team you will face is just going to pile that box with players leaving you with no choice but to rely on crosses and set-pieces which render a small and pacy guy like Werner absolutely useless in the no.9 position. Gomez should've started all 3 games and the squad should've included at least another tall and powerful striker. Wagner, Petersen, and others were there. I also don't agree with anybody saying that these guys never played a WC or were not regular Germany squad members because Löw included other new faces at other positions and he ultimately needed those types of players regardless of their WC experience. The final mistake he made is to think that other teams were not going to counter-attack. He wanted to get into the three games with the ''we are the WC champions mentality'' and watch teams curl up in a ball and take the beating for 90 minutes. This works only if you manage to break the deadlock quite quickly because in the meantime you leave yourself open to counters and unless you take the lead the smaller team is not going to open up the pitch and start attacking and leave you less tightly marked and pressed when you have the ball. He played his defense so high up the pitch with only 1 midfielder covering it and paid the price in the three games. What is mind-boggling is that all of those mistakes were visible after the first game and should've been corrected, but he went into the Sweden and Korea game with the same gameplan. They allowed so many counters attacks while being unable to finish that it was always a question of time they were going to concede. Curious to see what happens with this team now. Löw is undoubtedly a very good manager and the next Euro is in less than 2 years. Do they fire him and start working with a new coach towards winning the Euro or do they keep him and hope he fixes his mistakes. Everytime Germany gets eliminated too early from a tournament its funny for others, but it also means, down the line, that they are going to turn around and dish out so much pain in the coming years
  13. I'm not saying you are wrong and that the guy is a saint, but I disagree on most of these points. Sure some of the points you made got on the nerves of some people at the club, some of the fans and some of the media, but that is because Mtl became a ''cryhouse'' over the years. That the guy's active on social media and wears his own hat/gear during post-match interviews are two points I don't think any other market in the league would even notice let alone cry about it as if he's running away with the livelihood of the club or something. About the coaching staff finding him difficult to manage. Is he suddenly a different player now that he is Nashville? I'm willing to blindly say for argument's sake that he somehow became more manageable even tho I think he's essentially the same guy. What is the role of a Hockey club once you draft a superstar like this guy who's a bit on the shiny side? You either manage him in order to make the most out of him or you treat him as an enemy within the team and watch yourself lose time, money and the rest of the locker room. I remember Ovechkin being quite the flashy player (on ice), but the Caps let him be who he is and do his explosive celebrations and all. Paid off in the end. P.K particularly seemed to have a good relation with Price. These two guys right there were 75% of the team. If some softies in the locker room can't handle that P.K is flashy, celebrates too hard or is active on social media then you flush them out and build a real team around your core elements instead of shipping your core players out and finding yourself with a team essentially composed of lame 3rd and 4th liners that were once pissed at P.K Subban, playing your top two lines. If it so happens that your top scorer (Pacioretty) is one of those guys that couldn't stand him (according to what the journos used to say) for these soft reasons then you make a decision about whether you keep P.K or Pacioretty. Mtl made that decision and we now know it was the wrong one. I'm calling these reasons you listed soft ones (I know these are not your personal opinion, but what we kept on hearing through the media here) because these were all either manageable or things that you only hear complaints about in Montreal. The guy didn't go out to party the day before games, wasn't caught doing something stupid, didn't go out on the ice one time without giving his 110%, didn't show up at camp out of shape or something like that. He snapped Instagram photos and did a knee slide after scoring a goal? That's the types of things you completely destroyed the club over inside of two years? Talking about the turnovers he used to give. I watched many of these games. He produced these turnovers because of his high energy and risk-taking playing style on the ice, but the one thing Mtl fans and media always fail to mention when they talk about those is that at times P.K was essentially the only guy on this team that could turn around a game and if he didn't try these spectacular things the club would've ended up losing more games and they care to admit. Typical bullsh!t would be MTL down 3-1 with 7 minutes to go in the 3RD period with the whole team completely asleep and P.K picks the puck in his zone, skates all the way up to the opposition's end (literally the whole arena wakes up and react), he loses the puck and they concede the 4th. They come out the next day with a description of the events that would make you think the Habs lost the game because of him and that they were in for a comeback if it wasn't for P.K's mistake. His playing style gave the Habs so many wins, won them a series against Boston and sold tickets like hot buns. He was the superstar they had been waiting for. Any other team would've adapted and made sure that when they're superstar offensive D-man goes up the rink for a spectacular carry of the puck on the length of the ice he would be covered or given good support, but nope, in MTL they preferred ripping him a new one for being too good and trade him. Here we are two years after the trade. Subban made the SC final on his first year at Nashville, he's part of one of the best teams in the league, loved by Nashville fans. All of this while essentially remaining the same guy. In the meantime, the Habs have become one of the worst teams in the league. The offense and the defense is a complete mess. They lost their 3rd overall draft pick for a guy who scored 9 goals last season including 4 empty-netters and they are going to lose their captain who also happens to be their best offensive draft pick in decades for probably less than 50% of his real value. But hey, these lame 3rd and 4th liners that now compose MTL top two lines have been accommodated and no longer have to fear the flashy black guy who snapped pictures for Instagram and wore hats with his name on it.
  14. I disagree. I doubt that a lot of the things he is accused of would be a problem if he wasn't black. It's not the main problem, but it was an underlying one that I personally could feel in a lot of those ''old-fashioned'' guys like Tremblay, Bergeron, and others every time I saw them speaking about him. Every time they target a player they obviously accuse him of stupid things, but Subban's case was the worse I saw. Of course, nobody would come out and straight up say ''because he's black'', but IMHO it was there and detectable in many of their tirades about him. I mean at some point, when you constantly accuse somebody of being a bad team player, but the majority of your complaints about the guy is either backed by no arguments at all or by very very retarded ones then what's going on? (At least with somebody like Galchenyuk they came up with some half-assed journalist stories that had a hint of credibility despite being retarded..but Subban? It was a free for all. You could say anything without backing any of your stuff with evidence or logic and they would fire up the torches and go to town on him). They would sh!t on him for being fiery on the ice and ''too shiny'' because he somehow celebrates a goal with a lot of emotions (bc he just wants to win) and then turn around and tell us the problem with this team is that it needs a tough and competitive attitude. I mean let's just be clear. The organization itself didn't display any racist attitude, It was just the journos, but this club has a very very low breaking point once the media starts complaining about something regardless of what it is and if they should listen to them or not. Inside a couple of months, you will notice the effect of the media crap on the team and usually inside a year or two the player is gone. Ps: Here we are two years after the trade. What's up with P.K. in Nashville? Apart from the mouthwash thing in the final last year, I don't think I've heard anything negative about him and while I don't know personally any Predators fans it seems like they love him down here. I don't think the Preds fans would change a thing about that trade if they could go back in time. Also, just make a couple of Google searches about Tremblay (guy who was the most vocal about Subban and the same retard that drove Patrick Roy out of Mtl and into Colorado). The general consensus on forums and comment sections about the guy is that he's a racist. That's how people read into his comments. The same thing could be said about at least a couple of other leaders of the Subban crusade.
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