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  1. It's pork roll all right...! Also: you don't google something, you do a web search for it. You don't photoshop a picture, you digitally edit it. You don't xerox something, you photocopy it. You wipe your nose with facial tissue, not with a Kleenex. And so on.
  2. There's a team called the Raptors, brah. And it's a major league team.
  3. Do we have to burn a spot on Clowe because of his NMC? "All players who have currently effective and continuing "No Movement" clauses at the time of the Expansion Draft (and who to decline to waive such clauses) must be protected (and will be counted toward their club's applicable protection limits)." Hopefully Clowe will waive his clause, or the league will deem him ineligible per the career-ending injury section.
  4. The automatic puck-over-glass penalty is like when my 68-year-old parents get carded at a restaurant ordering wine.
  5. The Devils have a sweater design that has stood the test of time for almost 25 years. The nice thing about red and black is that it will never go out of style or look dated. One of the things I love about the Devils jersey is that it is unique in two subtle ways: the shape of the shoulder yoke and the wider font used for the numbers. Re: Jersey trends. The bright primary/secondary colors of the 70s/80s gave way to more "unique" colors in the 90s (blue-greens were big) and darkening of primary/secondary colors -- blues and greens especially. The black trend really picked up steam in the late 90s. The peak was 03/04 and 05/06, when 13 teams had a black jersey. The fad picked up right where it left off in 08/09. 12 teams with black jerseys. Seems to be dying off a little now. I hope the Devils never do it. Guess I'm just a traditionalist, since I think change for the sake of change (or misplaced nostalgia) is dumb.
  6. I sat next to a really rowdy Pens fan. Came in with a group of 5, all Pens fans except me. We got to the game about 3 minutes in thanks to the restaurant we were at losing one of our tickets. Guy starts chanting "DON'T SIT NEXT TO ME!" I decided, screw it, I'm sitting next to this guy (really had no choice since the other folks were coupled up). Made it pretty clear I was not a "Richard", and it was cool after that. Friendly rivalry, which is the way it should be. I know there are some people who are just out looking for a fight, but if you're a sane person, and you're in that situation at an away game, just get away from it.
  7. Well, this makes up for the last game I saw in Pittsburgh, which was a 6-1 or 6-2 loss 5 or 6 years ago. Damn. Only game I've had the chance to make it to this year. Can't complain. Of course had to endure the "once the Devils get a 1-0 lead it's over" bullsh!t. You just got beat by basically an AHL team and shut out AHL goalie. Get over it.
  8. These just aren't good. Bad proportions, especially in the alternate logo. Red logo on red sweater doesn't stand out enough. The "NJ" without the circle has been tried before on, and it never works. Flipped through the whole set, and none of them are really worth talking about. They're all basically recolorings of existing or vintage logos with the occasional Adobe Illustrator for Dummies level modification.
  9. Considering this team's record against bad teams (Columbus, Edmonton, Calgary), is that really good news?
  10. Why can't this team ever beat the terrible teams? Why are we always the statistical outlier?
  11. The part that scares me about this is that I don't think we're a "traditional team" anymore.
  12. Not happening, anyway: "To be eligible for the exchange, the jersey being returned must be officially licensed by the NHL, be manufactured by Reebok, and have been purchased at a Devils Den Team Store location in Prudential Center or via shop.nhl.com."
  13. The Devils logo is great. It's timeless even though it was designed in the early '80s. Changing it would be a travesty. I could probably live with a sh!tty stylized version of the logo like the Flyers had for a few years, but completely changing it -- no way. The Devils have a uniform that still looks great even though it was designed 20+ years ago. There's absolutely no reason to change it other than for the sake of change.
  14. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=site%3Anjdevs.com+mozik
  15. Take note, Rangers fans, Marty is in "prime shape" for age 42, and it only looks like he has a gut because he doesn't tuck his chest protector in like most goalies.
  16. God dammit. Well I guess if we really want McDavid we have to win a few games to make it look legit.
  17. Is it bad that all I can think right now is "how are the Devils going to blow this lead?"
  18. I've considered buying Gamecenter, but since I live in Cleveland, both Pittsburgh and Columbus games are blacked out. That's 9 games this season.
  19. Really fantastic article. Brought a tear to my eye and brought back a lot of good memories. Hard to believe that was over 11 years ago.
  20. http://www.hasnewjerseywonashootoutyet.com/
  22. I just turned the game on, too. Dammit.
  23. Hey I'm just trying to make a buck with some merch here.
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