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  1. I think the point he makes is a really good one. If the impetus behind the lockout is the help the small clubs survive, the solution should be more precise. With the proposed paycut, the Rangers, Habs, Leafs, etc. are going to make more money on the backs of the players.

  2. http://www.askmen.co...ource=pulsenews

    Now, it would be completely ignorant of me to dismiss the fact that certain franchises are struggling financially. We all know this. The NHLPA has acknowledged this, and we are willing to make changes to help this group of teams -- but only this group of teams. We have no problem helping struggling franchises, but we also need revenue-sharing help from some of the "big market teams." A reduction in player salaries, without more, provides additional income to all the teams. In a league with record-setting revenue, there is certainly a solution in distributing revenue among struggling franchises. That solution will not be to take it all back from the players, this time around.

  3. What I think the NHL needs is more collaboration between officials, so when we have the common situation of the back ref making a sh!tty call, the refs and linesman can get together and decide to pick up the flag. Or if one ref sees a penalty and raises the arm, but another sees that it was a blatant dive, they can conference and call only the dive instead of the non-penalty. (For example, stick missing the face but the player throws his head back.) Embellishment in the case of an actual penalty should be called as-is, offsetting penalties. I agree there should be fines, but only for blatant, no-question dives.

  4. Its a shame there isnt a legal feed for single teams. But thanks for the feed MWP

    Yup. Why not charge $5 a game a la carte (with the ability to rewatch the game for 24 hours), or offer the entire season at something under Gamecenter's fees like $82 (dollar a game). As an out-of-towner, I'd gladly pay that, but don't want to pay the $160 for Gamecenter when I barely have time to watch Devils games, let alone out-of-town games.

  5. It's nearly impossible to be that bad in the NHL since the lockout. Other sports... NFL and NBA... not so much. The NFL regularly has 2-14 teams (.125 winning %). There are fewer 1-15 and 0-16 teams, but it happens. In the NBA, there are always sub-.300 teams, and most of the time, there's someone very close to or under .200. The worst teams in the NHL (post-lockout) and MLB rarely dip below .300.

  6. Yikes.

    The subcommittee documents make clear that at least some BU hockey players, surrounded by adoring fans, had “the perception that they need not seek consent for sexual contact.”

    One player came close to admitting that. “You don’t ask [permission for sex] when you are drunk,” he told the task force, adding that he did not see how the actions of the two players charged last year constituted sexual assault.

    Another player used two slurs to describe women who “hook up with multiple guys,” then wondered, “What other word for them is there?”

    A female student told the task force that a player had shoved his hands down her pants at a party and refused to stop even as she was punching him. She did not report the incident to authorities because, she said, “that’s just what [bU hockey players] do.”

    Another told of a Facebook posting “in which hockey players boast about their sexual exploits,” referring to conquests as “kills.”

    Parker told the task force he had stressed the importance of being respectful to women and advised players to avoid group sex, which the confidential report notes players engage in with surprising regularity. “However,” Parker is quoted as saying, “my job is not to say, ‘You guys gotta be celibate.’ ”

  7. Well, he was. He gave Howson a list of six (or so) teams and declined when the GM asked him to expand it. Sort of primma donna stuff, but well. Guess after all those years there he wanted to make sure he would play for a team he *really* wants to go to.

    Everyone's piling on Howson, but this had to handcuff him significantly. I doubt all 6 teams even made serious offers.

  8. What does really piss me off about this whole thing is the fact that he only went to Minnesota because suter signed there and they wanted to play together. Even Zach said if suter signed with Detroit he would have stayed in nj. That to me only proves Zach is not a man who can think for himself and is suters little bitch boy.

    Just think of how sh!tty this would feel if you were one of Zach's friends on the Devils... Or maybe he didn't have any friends and that's why he left.

  9. I coulda swore there was something else in the amendments about how much the salary can drop from one season to the next, but can't find anything to corroborate that. In the end, it doesn't appear that there is anything in Zach or Suter's contracts that circumvents anything in the current CBA or the Kovy-inspired amendment.

    People get this wrong a lot... From CapGeek: "It is important to note this does not mean decrease in salary is limited to 50 percent of the prior year's salary. It's 50 percent of the lower of the first two years of the contract." This means Zach's contract can drop up to $6m a season.

  10. Everyone walks around like Lou's sh!t doesn't stink, and yeah it has it's share of ups and downs. For every John Madden there is an Ilkka Pikkarainen. For every Brian Rafalski or David Clarkson Signing, there is a McGillis/Malakhov overpayment. We've had some lean drafts over the course of the past 10 yrs, and just recently they appear to have gotten better. Lou gets a lot of credit for the 3 cups and the now 5 SC finals, but it's been a while since he's outsmarted or fleeced anyone in a trade.

    "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

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  11. of course those years at the end of Zach's contract are also lower to lower the cap but its really not as bad.

    Yeah but in those years, the cap will be MUCH, MUCH higher than $70m. If not, the league would have a huge problem on its hands. If this keeps up, by that point, the amount of actual money teams are paying to players will be lower than the cap hit, meaning the teams will be making bigger profits, which will lead to the cap going up even more. This is all just badly thought out.

  12. The way the rule should work is the lowest year in the contract cannot be lower than a certain percentage of the highest year. (I think 33% would be reasonable... this would mean if the max were $9m, the "cheap" years would still be $3m.) This would completely eliminate this type of BS.

  13. Hats off to this guy! seriously.

    • was put on the backburner cause he was clearly not a priority

    • knew he was expandable

    • had interest from about 15 teams

    • was not even drafted here

    • signed even before everything was settled elsewhere

    yet based on Zach's comments

    "Every kid who’s grown up in Minnesota would love to play for the Wild. That’s the way it is."

    "im a loyal guy"

    Well fvck you Zach, Sal proved you wrong TWICE right there.

    Salvador, i dont always like you but i like you now, THATS LOYALTY !

    What a dumb statement by Zach. What about this one... "every kid who's grown up playing hockey would love to win the Stanley Cup." Good luck with that.

  14. Who cares if it's a 35+ contract? If the Devils are no longer spending to the cap max, then it doesn't matter if Salvador has to retire and the cap hit stays. It's the real money that matters now, not the cap hit.

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