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  1. I hated Pierre a few days ago... but I give him props for lines like "the aggressive forecheck of the Devils is frustrating the Flyers". I hope these NBC guys will continuously harp on "the aggressive forecheck of the Devils" so maybe, at least amongst more serious hockey fans, the whole "trap" reputation will fade a little bit.
  2. The whiney, entitled Rangers fans are really coming out after this loss. Jeez.
  3. Just checking to see how Kovalchuk's ice time was distributed. Henrique had the most ice time of forwards (21:54) which is 6 minutes more than he had in game 1. Andy Greene picked up Kovy's time on the PP.
  4. The best part about this was that in the 1st he said the slow pace favored the Devils and that Lavoliette was yelling at the Flyers to pick up the pace. What a moron.
  5. And we have our first OT game of round 2...
  6. NBC exclusive, AFAIK. Edit: Yup, from a press release: "The NBC Sports Group’s Stanley Cup Playoff exclusivity begins with the Conference Semifinal round for the first time. Beginning in the second round and continuing through the Stanley Cup Final, all games will air exclusively on either NBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC or the NHL Network."
  7. And look how well they did in the first round!!! http://espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs/2012/story/_/id/7772345/experts-picks
  8. I'm very annoyed with the "best ever" PK... what happened to swarming it up? Also, losing faceoffs so badly is unacceptable... 35% in game 7. Edit: I should also say that I am really excited the Devils pulled this one out... just looking ahead to the next series.
  9. Man, that OT goal was so soft... I can't even imagine the reaction if the sides were switch and Marty let a goal like that in...
  10. Let's go Devils! Play this game shift by shift! Forget the last shift, don't think about the next shift... just play as hard as possible when you're on the ice!
  11. Only 6 shots in the 2nd period. But that's cuz the team was soooo depressed after Marty let in that first softie... Also the team was so angry guys just started taking penalties.
  12. The first goal was a one timer that came from good puck movement on the power play. That's not a softie by any means. If that came on our power play we'd be talking about how the PP was really clicking and what a great goal it was.
  13. When he turned toward Hossa to make the hit the puck was already gone. He wasn't just finishing a check. He started the check after the puck was gone. Stevens was already headed towards Kariya when he lost the puck. Stevens never left his feet, even after the hit. The head contact was because Torres jumped before the hit. It's a totally different play. If Torres doesn't leave his feet, there's no head contact, and we wouldn't even be talking about it. It wouldn't even be borderline. It's 100% Torres fault and it's a dirty hit.
  14. This only pisses me off that I live in the midwest and have no free time until July... (But seriously, awesome video.)
  15. The only reason people are overreacting to the shutout is because of the MASSIVE overreaction to the game 3 loss. It's a proportional response.
  16. “There are always going to be critics,” Parise said. “We have all the confidence in the world in him. After last game I’m sure there was going to be people saying whatever they want to say. We don’t care. He doesn’t care. I’ve seen it the last seven years and he’s always responded.” (source)
  17. I just watched the replay. That first goal was so freaking weak. It was a nice shot, sure, but there's no way that corner should be there. Second of all, what is with all the wraparound/stuff shots the Devils were taking, especially on the PP?
  18. Yeah, but that Trent Hunter buyout was really to get rid of Rolston.
  19. 5 minutes left. Time to see what the Devils are made of.
  20. GO DEVILS!!!! I'm stuck in class and the Internet is too slow to stream the game.
  21. Good catch. If the Devils and Caps both lose, the Rangers will play Philly/Pitt and the Bruins get the Panthers. The Rangers can only play seeds 4-7 (Pitt, Philly, Devils, Caps) in the 2nd round.
  22. Unbelievable. The Panthers have been one step ahead of the Devils this whole game.
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