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  1. They probably threw that in there to prevent people from being able to jam in 'YOU SUCK' lol. You know it would happen.


    They're never going to stop people from doing it. There are tons of ways to insert "you suck" into that song.


    I guess you could just have a goal song that is constant screaming. That might be the only way.

  2. I don't agree.  Defensemen will still try this play because it's not a guarantee that there will be a penalty called and if they do get the puck first there won't be a penalty shot - that's part of the rule.  I agree that poke-checks like this are exciting, but so are breakaway goals.


    I concur with Triumph. This is a high risk play that in the past where the punishment has not been enough to deter it. Now if you're a defensemen, you have to be SURE you will get the puck and only the puck if you're going to make a desperation dive. IMO the rules should reward skill over luck.


    Also players will tend to try to physically punish the opposing player as much as possible, so even if you got the puck in the past, why not follow through and trip the man if you're not going to get a penalty for it?

  3. I don't agree with reviews, but it seems so simple and obvious to allow the referees to consult on close or questionable calls. There's not going to be a huddle on every call. I don't understand why they're not allowed to do this like in the NFL.

  4. Once again, I stand firmly behind my position that the referees NEED TO BE ABLE TO CONSULT EACH OTHER (and the linesman, too!) during the game, especially after questionable penalty calls. Front ref calls a trip, back ref comes up and says, "I had a better angle, there is no question it was a dive." Call the freaking dive, not the trip!

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