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  1. There's also an NHL rule that states that John Madden must be thrown out of every offensive zone faceoff.
  2. EVEN BETTER: Hang Donald Duck! I'd do it, but I DON'T HAVE A TICKET! I think I'll call the box office today and see if there are any singles. I doubt it, but who knows.
  3. It's a very typical French male look, I think.
  4. I wish there was some way to contact all Devils fans and tell them to change the traditional Ranger$ Suck cheer to Disney Sucks.
  5. So why does Pascal look like such a goon?
  6. That gionta tip got through. Giguere got lucky... the way he went down his trailing pad had just enough angle towards the 5-hole to stop the shot.
  7. What about the 4-on-4 on coincidental minors? I thought that already was the case. What exactly is a "coincidental" minor, anyway?
  8. Does this not make sense to anyone else? Doesn't this already happen? Or does he mean not allowing the shorthanded team to ice the puck? We might as well just go to roller hockey rules. 4-on-4 all the time, and no icing or offsides of any kind.
  9. Brylin and Tverdovsky play members of the Russian mob! That storyline is still open, isn't it? Remember they never find that guy in "The Pine Barrens". I mean, if Tony Siragusa can play a Russian mobster in 25th Hour, two Russian hockey players could definitely pull it off.
  10. Gomer dates Meadow and gets whacked by Tony because he's from Alaska! Wait, they already did that one. Dammit. And it's David Puddy not David Purdy! The sound clip in my signature is from that episode. It's a good one.
  11. They don't talk about the Devils because the Devils are the favorite/consistent team. Not exciting to talk about.
  12. Anybody know if Burns is/used to be a biker or something? I went to a game in Boston (the one where Brodeur was pulled, so I never got the autograph I wanted ), and there were a whole bunch of biker-looking guys waiting for him down in the pen outside the lockerroom.
  13. I'm looking for one, too. E-mail me.
  14. I might just have to go the wait until the game starts scalp route.
  15. I'm a noob. Needed to find a nonhostile/rang-infested board (i.e., not nj.com).
  16. Anyone have a ticket to sell me??
  17. Yeah, can I nominate myself? Heh.
  18. Nope, we went through the chute and got one as well.
  19. What I can't stand is when people discredit Brodeur by saying the D is so good in front of him. Those people bleed ignorance. Playing goal is not just about stopping pucks!
  20. Yeah, the car flag is schweet.
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