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  1. EVEN BETTER: Hang Donald Duck!

    I'd do it, but I DON'T HAVE A TICKET! I think I'll call the box office today and see if there are any singles. I doubt it, but who knows.

  2. Still, Murray likes how hockey is being played in the 21st century, though he would like to see some minor tweaks: eliminating icing while killing penalties, and 4-on-4 play during coincidental minor penalties.

    Does this not make sense to anyone else? Doesn't this already happen? Or does he mean not allowing the shorthanded team to ice the puck?

    We might as well just go to roller hockey rules. 4-on-4 all the time, and no icing or offsides of any kind.

  3. Brylin and Tverdovsky play members of the Russian mob! That storyline is still open, isn't it? Remember they never find that guy in "The Pine Barrens". I mean, if Tony Siragusa can play a Russian mobster in 25th Hour, two Russian hockey players could definitely pull it off.

  4. Anybody know if Burns is/used to be a biker or something? I went to a game in Boston (the one where Brodeur was pulled, so I never got the autograph I wanted :angry: ), and there were a whole bunch of biker-looking guys waiting for him down in the pen outside the lockerroom.

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