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  1. I want to see it 2-0 quick. I want to see the Devils generate a chance right off the opening faceoff.
  2. I forsee the Devils scoring right off the opening faceoff and killing the Senators' spirits. PLEASE DO THAT.
  3. You need to win FOUR GAMES to win a series. NOT THREE.
  4. The series isn't over yet. Let's rely on our ability to fend off adversity. This is adversity.
  5. Lots of chances to put the puck in the net tonight were squandered by both sides... I would've loved to see that Niewy breakaway go in. Let's hope he was just winded.
  6. I blame this on the commentators always saying how Marty is the best stickhandling goalie in the league. Now Marty thinks, "I'm the best stickhandling goalie in the league. I can throw it up the middle right in front of my net on the PK no problem!"
  7. Yeah, the ESPN video is blacking out occasionally. Let's hope we get a goal in this frenzy and calm the Sens down a bit.
  8. This is our game to lose. If we play our best game, we'll win.
  9. My guess is that the contracts are written so that the player gets something, but not everything if that happens.
  10. I was going to go, but I decided that I shouldn't be driving 8 hours running a 102-degree (that's Farenheit) fever.
  11. NHL.com store is such a ripoff... $200 for an authentic (plus $60 for the customization). I've seen them for $150 at various stores. Is that the best price I'm going to find?
  12. Langs has 7 playoff goals, but none in this series. You're overdue! C'mon kid, step it up! Pat needs to shake up the scoring lines again, as well. We need to get some goals from our offensive guys. Nice that we're getting scoring from the blue lines and from Pando and Madden, but it's time for the scorers to start scoring again.
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