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  1. Here's an idea. Don't go on FB or don't have Rangers fans on your newsfeed during the playoff run. I get that people don't like hearing about a rival or a team that isn't there, but not everyone posts on a message board, so groups of fans share their emotions through FB. No different than what we do here in a chat or in a game thread.


    I would take them out of my newsfeed, but they are you know, actually friends of mine. For some reason posts from the during game were STILL showing up in my newsfeed today.

  2. Honestly these Rag fans are almost cup level giddy now. You'd think this was like before game 5 in 1994 when they were planning the parade route and booking up reception halls all across the tri state area. Lundqvist is suddenly the king again for winning a 2nd round series.


    The Facebook posts are killing me. I don't need a damned play-by-play of the game. They might even be worse than football fans.

  3. Yeah Detroit or Columbus would literally have to lose three in a row (all in regulation in Detroit's case) and we'd have to win three in a row.

    And each play tomorrow night so this could definitely be over in 24 hours.


    I'd give better odds for Detroit losing all 3 than Columbus. But it's all moot unless the Devils put together a 3 game win streak, which has only happened once this year (how sad is that?).

  4. By my reading of the rule it was the correct call, so I won't call it luck.

    "If an attacking player initiates contact with a goalkeeper, incidental or otherwise, while the goalkeeper is in his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed."

    Seems pretty black and white... I guess the only legit argument you can make is if volchenkov forced hartnell into brodeur, but on the one replay I saw I didn't see that at all. And even if he did hartnell still needs to make a reasonable effort to avoid the contact.


    That's not the rule that should be applied. A different part of that rule (78.5) also says a goal should be disallowed "(v)  When an attacking player has interfered with a goalkeeper in his goal crease." Also see 69.1, the goalie interference rule.

  5. Why are we worrying about Toronto? Unless Tampa Bay goes on a tear, Toronto and Montreal have the 2/3 Atlantic spots locked up; no chance to compete with them.


    Edit: Eh, I take that back. Any of Toronto, Tampa, or Montreal collapsing helps us.

  6. Exactly.  Tie breakers don't come into play until we get to like 5 games remaining into the season.  Same thing goes for games in hand.

    Realistically we don't have to worry about losing a tiebreaker to Detroit, Washington, or Ottawa unless the Devils start miraculously winning shootout games. With everyone else, it's too close to waste time speculating this far out.


    Our odds improve if at least one of Tampa, NY, or Philly collapses. That would put both wildcard spots and/or 3rd place in the division in contention. Tampa could easily fall out of contention by the end of the month (if the Devils beat them and they lose to non-bubble teams like Boston, Phoenix, Florida, Vancouver, Toronto, Pittsburgh, etc.).

  7. With a regulation win tomorrow the Devils will pass Washington and tie Detroit and Columbus. No sure how tiebreakers would work with Detroit and Columbus

    Detroit and Columbus would still be ahead of us due to fewer games played. Ignoring that, the Devils would be above Detroit because of ROW. We'd be tied with Columbus in ROW, but they'd be ahead of us due to points earned in head-to-head games. Not worth really fretting over tiebreakers with so many games to play.

  8. To be fair, a drafted player is never a guarantee. NHL players to play 400+ games drafted since 1996: (tampa... yikes)



    Buffalo: 19

    San Jose: 18

    Ottawa: 17

    Pittsburgh: 15 *

    Los Angeles: 14 *

    New York I: 14

    Anaheim: 13 *

    Boston: 13 *

    Edmonton: 13

    Montreal: 13

    Calgary: 12

    Chicago: 12 **

    Colorado: 12 **

    Toronto: 12

    Washington: 11

    Atlanta/Winnipeg: 10

    Nashville: 10 (since 1998)

    Vancouver: 10

    New Jersey: 9 **

    Carolina/Hartford: 9 *

    New York R: 9

    Dallas: 9 *

    Florida: 9

    Philadelphia: 9

    Phoenix: 9

    Detroit: 8 ****

    St Louis: 8

    Columbus: 7 (only since 2000)

    Minnesota: 7 (since 2000)

    Tampa Bay: 4 *


    There doesn't seem to be much correlation between draft success and winning the cup at a quick glance, but 6 of the last 7 cups were won by teams in the top half of the list. It's a lot easier to build a team when you don't have to give up assets to fill your NHL roster.

  9. Hard to defend?  It's ONE fvcking move lol.  Jesus Christ.  I think Ruutu for Loktionov straight up was fair, so I am a little disappointed that we had to throw in a 3rd rounder, but holy sh!t everyone needs to reach far up into their twats and try to untwist those panties.  I don't know how some of you make it through life.


    I assume the third rounder (conditional) kicks in only if they don't re-sign him.

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