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  1. it rebounded off marty and into the players skate.


    Why that kind of shot results in a rebound is beyond me. Oh wait its not, Corey should be starting not the aging broduer.

    Almost all low blocker side shots are going to result in a rebound. Best you can hope is that he gets that with the stick and deflects it up or in the corner.

  2. The butthurt from Rag fans is strong on the Cam goal. I don't see how anyone can call it a DISTINCT kicking motion.

    I wish Brunner had Cam's passion and drive, although he had a better game. Cam gets ribbed here a lot, but man he gives no less than 100%

    I love that NHL.com shows multiple replays for every goal except that one. I figure they don't want the fans to criticize controversial decisions

  3. You can't touch the puck and have your foot over the line. That's my guess.


    A goalkeeper shall not play the puck outside of the designated area behind the net. Should the goalkeeper play the puck outside of the designated area behind the goal line, a minor penalty for delay of game shall be imposed. The determining factor shall be the position of the puck.

  4. if you went to the grocery store and started yelling obscenities at potatoes, would you expect store management to put a stop to it?

    Yeah yeah I know you'll say it's different at a sporting event but the truth is both are public places and a certain level of decorum should be required in both.

    I'm not advocating for a silent arena where everyone sits on their hands, but just cuz you pay for the ticket doesn't give you free reign to do or say what you want, and it says that on the ticket when you buy it.

    Being a 20-year season ticket holder doesn't give you free reign either. Sat near a guy like this constantly shouting and berating the (Devils!) players during the game and it was unbelievably annoying. He was like the real-life version of one of the trolls on this board who only make negative posts. (I would not be surprised if it turned out this guy is actually one of the trolls on this board.) It was a huge relief when he left halfway through the game.

    Entitlement is the exact right word for this situation. Your ticket entitles you to watch the game, no more. It doesn't entitle you to act however you want in the arena to the detriment of other fans' experience.


    It's really the same two, three people who must make an entire arena feel how they feel. Everyone else I know likes or doesn't care about YS chant. And the same two, three anti YS people are now comparing sporting events to shouting at potatoes at the supermarket! Lmao I can't argue w them anymore, I give up lol

    Every person I've ever been to a Devils game with who didn't know about the YS chant in advance has thought it was classless and stupid. Including my dad, who is a former season ticket holder. There are way more than just 2 or 3 anti-YS people.

  5. Compared to Montreal's PP it's like watching a video on how to and how not to. The talent difference in the teams is not a wide gap, either, but the difference in "hands" is evident.

    It's sad when you're excited just because the PP got set up.

  6. It seems to me like guys are making the wrong decisions constantly... either waiting too long to get rid of the puck or not waiting long enough when they have time (like Zubrus w/ the open net).

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