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  1. Well the powerplay got set up once... that's nice to see.
  2. Can someone who's been worthless do something tonight? Brunner, Ryder, Tedenby, JJ... I don't care who.
  3. Why isn't Marty starting?!!? WTF?!?!?
  4. Easy... take a shot when you have the lane. Pass when you don't. Most guys on this team seem to do the opposite.
  5. Henrique needs to consider shooting once in a while.
  6. Can't give up that many odd-man rushes.
  7. HA. Low percentage shots. That's what we needed.
  8. Thank you, Lovejoy & Perry.
  9. Holy hell, that looked like a real power play goal that resulted from good puck movement!
  10. First words I hear when I turn the game on: "huge men with big hands, soft hands." Thanks, Chico!
  11. Feels good to beat good teams, not just the Rangers.
  12. time out? have to stop icing the puck!
  13. Why can't this team set up a power play?
  14. Good, now we have a 3-goal lead to blow! Everything is going as planned.
  15. 2 SH breakaways on one powerplay. This team is amazing.
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