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  1. Guess who this was directed towards...
  2. Season double over. See you guys in 2 years.
  3. Season over. See you guys next year.
  4. My fiancee's reaction (Ranger fan, her only major character flaw): "maybe this explains all his anger issues"
  5. It's OK, but I hate the mirrored logo on the right cheek and the watermarked text over the logos.
  6. At least throw us a bone with some Goose Island.
  7. I'm done with Five Guys. Too expensive for what it is. I can go to a decent restaurant near me and get a fresh ground 1/2 lb. burger with good cheese (Port Salut) on a fresh baked bun, duck fat fries, and a Brooklyn IPA for $12.50. which is what it costs to get a reg. cheeseburger, fries, and drink at Five Guys.
  8. Found this pretty interesting... Looks like we got shafted this year. Despite the 22 back-to-backs, we're traveling about 5k miles more than usual. It's also obvious why Detroit and Columbus wanted to move divisions. http://www.ontheforecheck.com/2013/7/19/4539874/2013-2014-nhl-schedule-super-travel-miles-back-to-back-games
  9. I've been to Pittsburgh, Boston, and MSG. I never have a problem. Fans are usually pretty friendly, unless you either try to start something or are stupid enough to escalate with a drunk.
  10. It's so generic... beveled D inside a star.
  11. Why would you put the city name on the home jersey? Makes no sense to me.
  12. Pretty simple for me... Best. 1. 1995 Cup win. I was there. 2. 2003 Cup win. I was there. 3. 2012 ECF win. Watched this one in a cheap hotel room in Miami Beach with a Sabres fan friend of mine. Walked around all day wearing my Devils jersey and some arrogant Rangers fan was taunting me. This definitely exorcised some demons. HM: The 2003 ECF game when Pando scored but it didn't count (game 3?). I remember everyone around me having this feeling "hey didn't that go in?", but nobody was quite sure and it didn't get reviewed. This was one of those situations where you're thinking "well the hockey gods are against us, we're screwed now!" but the Devils stayed strong and pulled out the W. Who knows what would have happened if they didn't. Worst. 1. 1994 ECF game 7. Was watching this over a friend's house. Just unbelievable heartbreak. We were sure the Devils would win after they tied. We were talking about going to the BBA when they won. Stupid kids. We cried when they lost. Only time I have ever cried about a sporting event. I was 12. 2. 2009 Carolina game 7. It's all been said already. 3. 2012 SCF game 6. Yeah, we all saw it coming and had a gut feeling we wouldn't be able to come back in the series, but this loss was just so gut wrenching. I wanted to turn off the TV so bad but stuck it out till the end. It was just brutal.
  13. Someone pick me up off the floor... http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/dallas-stars-official-twitter-account-wins-imgregorycampbell-sean-213825535.html "The Boston Bruins' big Game 3 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins was not without a big loss. Gregory Campbell, one of the key members of a penalty kill that's been flawless in the Eastern Conference Final, broke his leg blocking a shot midway through the second. He's out indefinitely. But before he left the game, Campbell spent nearly a full minute giving his team an emotional boost, fighting through the pain and remaining in the shooting lane as the Penguins pressed for the go-ahead goal. ... This is the moment that led to the #ImGregoryCampbell hashtag on Twitter, where hockey fans shared small moments of perseverance, many of which were badass on first glance, and kind of stupid on second thought." And the winner is... Had Sean Avery on our team. #ImGregoryCampbell — Dallas Stars (@DallasStars) June 6, 2013
  14. Assuming I'm not on my honeymoon, I will be looking for tix...
  15. So I just ran the numbers and during this 10 game losing streak, the Devils have a 5.11 shooting % vs. opponents 13.64%. Shots 313-198 and goals 16-27 (not counting the phantom shootout goals). The Devils are taking 1.58x the shots the opponents are, but opponents are scoring 1.69x more than the Devils. INSANE.
  16. Can't be too upset... we got beat by the powerhouse undefeated Buffalo Amerks.
  17. As my Buffalo fan friend told me tonight after I bitched about the Devils constantly losing, "maybe you guys just need to call up all your AHL players... seems to have worked for us."
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