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  1. Some detractors, as the article points out, will call him a "compiler", but to me a compiler is a pitcher who, say, wins 12-14 games a year for most of his career, with two or three 18+ win seasons, and finishes his career with 300 wins just because he managed to be consistently pretty good for a very long period of time.  It's not like Marty won 25-30 games per season for 20 years.

    Exactly. You want an example of a compiler, look at Cujo. Never led the league in any category, yet he's 4th on the all-time wins list.
  2. The equipment is just ridiculous.  The rule should be that the equipment is appropriate for the player based on their size.  It shouldn't be everyone can wear pads up to such and such a size.  Clermont's pads are just ridiculous.  I'd be embarassed to wear those things.  Players should harass him until he feels shame Denis Lemieux style.

    That's what the rule is now. It was changed in 2010.


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