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  1. 1. BBQ rib meat should not be falling off the bone. That just means the ribs were overcooked. They actually deduct points in BBQ competitions for this. 2. Wango Tango (the hot BBQ sauce) is great. I've been to plenty of mediocre BBQ joints and a few really good ones and Dino's is well above average. Of course I have only been to the original Dino's in Syracuse, so I can't speak to the Newark location.
  2. Finally get to watch a whole game, and this is what I get. Absolutely BRUTAL play. 16 shots... come on. The way Pittsburgh moved the puck made us look like an ECHL team.
  3. Should have been a re-do on Zach's penalty shot. You only avoid a tripping call if you actually contact the puck first, not if you make an attempt at it.
  4. He ain't got nothing on Antonio Garay.
  5. Damn, that was nice. I can't believe Greene fanned on that shot. Nice bail out goal by Kovy.
  6. I also hate with a passion the Chase Sapphire commercials like the one where the woman used the points to buy a dress.
  7. Any time I hear mandolin, banjo, ukelele, whatever... I dive for the remote.
  8. In any urban area, if you park your car on a side street you are risking getting your window smashed. When I lived in Pittsburgh I had plenty of friends get their cars broken into in a nice middle-class neighborhood (Squirrel Hill). In most cities the free parking is likely to be out of high traffic areas. It's a risk you take. Never leave anything that someone might think has any value visible. Someone could see a bag of dirty laundry and think there's a laptop in there, or an envelope with receipts and think it has cash in it. And as much of a pain as it may be, don't leave any charging cords or GPS mounts visible.
  9. Damn, wonder why my player only has Vault and not Gamecenter.
  10. I have a Sony Blu-Ray player with the NHL Vault app... does anyone know if this will play live games?
  11. Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie Well, there it is. Wade Redden a STL Blue. Hearing 1 year deal, $800K base salary with GP bonuses that could make it $1M total.
  12. The beauty of a Gomez as a third-line/depth forward is that if you have a game (or playoff series) where one of your top two lines is not clicking, it's not completely scary to move Gomez up for a game or two.
  13. You want to see a state-level example of TP legislators being voted in en masse and thrown out just as quickly, look at NH. The state legislature swung from 216-174 (D-R) in 2008 to 102-298 in 2010. This year, it's back to Democratic control 217-177 (with 5 races yet to be decided). NH voters realized what a mess they caused by electing hard line TPers, who in turn chose a despotic, my way or the highway, speaker who ostracized all moderate Republicans. This is the legislature that passed a law to allow concealed carry in the state house (eventually one of the TP legislators dropped his gun on the state house floor... oops!). This is the house speaker who had a member of his party yell "Sieg Heil!" at him on the house floor. This is the house speaker who took an aisle seat away from a Republican former police officer with a disability because he didn't vote in lockstep. That's the kind of behavior you get when the Tea Party gets into power.
  14. The Tea Party's all-or-nothing hard line stance is what's hurting the Republican Party. The problem is similar to what the Dems had in the 70s and 80s... the extremism it takes to win the primary winds up hurting the candidate in the general election. To Tea Partiers, moderate Republicans are bigger enemies than Democrats, and they will do anything in their power to flush them out of the party. The only way the Republican Party will survive is to ditch their draconian social platform. Fiscal conservatism isn't the problem (as much as the conservative echo chamber is framing this as an election of moochers vs. self-reliant Americans). The big problem is with social issues. All this "legitimate rape" stuff absolutely killed Romney with women. Hard-line immigration stances kill the party with hispanics. If the GOP could run a candidate who is not aggressively pro-life, who is not aggressively anti-gay, who is not at all anti-science, and shows some understand of women's issues (hot tip: birth control pills have more uses than just birth control), they might have a chance. But with the current TP/religious right base, that candidate would never win in the primaries.
  15. No, his "move to the right" in the primaries was pandering. His "move to the center" in the last few weeks of the campaign was reversion to his actual views. Do you really think a truly conservative candidate -- Santorum, say, since Gingrich is also a moderate who was forced to move right during the primaries -- would have been able to win this election?
  16. My parents were told it could be up to 8 months before they can move back into their house. The gas infrastructure has to be completely rebuilt. Hopefully they'll at least be able to go in to get important documents and valuables.
  17. I live in Cleveland and have not had power since Sunday night. Power company said 300k+ were affected, and they've restored about half that in four days. Luckily no property damage out here. My parents live near Lavalette on the bay side and have not been able to go back, but my mom is cautiously optimistic after our next door neighbor sent pictures of his house. Seeing those pictures and videos of Seaside, Ortley, Ocean Beach, and Mantaloking makes me heartbroken. I almost cold cocked a guy who made a Jersey Shore/Snooki joke yesterday. Not original, and not at all funny when you don't know whether your parents' house is still standing.
  18. Well, he's going through with it. He's selling or giving away almost all his Rangers gear, and has already put down a deposit on season tickets at Barclays.
  19. I don't know about that. I know at least one huge Ranger fan (STH) who lives in Brooklyn and said he would switch if the Isles moved to Barclays. We'll see if he goes through with it.
  20. Well, I hope the fact that they won't let them change the name means it'll be harder for them to poach Devils fans (Rangers fans, too, but who cares about that). They won't be looked at as something cool and new like they would if they changed to the Brooklyn Americans or something like that.
  21. If all the people who earned that much money hoarded it to last a lifetime, it would destroy the economy, or at least large portions of it. The NHL wouldn't exist because all the thrifty rich people worried about stretching their income out over their entire lifetimes would not be spending on expensive entertainment like going to sporting events. It's the paradox of thrift.
  22. I guarantee that whatever you make, there are plenty of people out there who would be happy to make half of your salary.
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