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  1. I don't wanna brag, but I did make the last 2 GDT's....lol

    1. Devilsfan118


      And you'd better make the next one!

    2. aylbert


      This sounds like a brag

    3. ThreeCups


      As long as nobody swoops in, I plan on posting it tomorrow. (a day early just as I did the last one!)

  2. 2 tickets Sec. 118 Row 9 for today, $35 for the pair emailed! Email me ASAP at 3devilscups@gmail.com

  3. Pair for today vs Isles...Sec. 118 Row 9, $40 takes the pair....email me ASAP 3devilscups@gmail.com

  4. Selling a pair for tonight vs Jets, Sec. 118 Row 9, $60 for the pair...email me at 3devilscups@gmail.com

  5. 3 tickets for today Sec. 118 Row 9, face is $52/each, take them for $15 each! 3devilscups@gmail.com

  6. have some tickets for the BBQ/FanFest for $17/each. Email me 3devilscups@gmail.com

  7. ILYA CLUTCHVALCHUK! Kovy hs 8 GWG, second to only Ovechkin with 9

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dead


      Go Kovy! I dont care who gets the GWG as long as we get one each and every game :D

    3. RunninWithTheDevil


      ill take whatever it is as long as its not Kovalchoke

    4. MantaRay


      He is also leading the league in Giveaways with 90+

  8. just got some more tickets for Devils Practice & Meet/Greet on Sunday....$20/each, email me at 3devilscups@gmail.com

  9. You hear Chico's assessment of Ilya skipping out on the media, JERRYDEVIL?!?

    1. Jerrydevil


      No, how did Chico sugarcoast it?

    2. ThreeCups


      No sugarcoating, but a basic synopsis:

      1. He doesn't blame Kovy for not wanting to answer the same questions 5 times in a row now.

      2. Said it wasn't a big deal at all

      I would think the players would feel the same way....

    3. NJDevs4978


      lol please, you can't take anything Chico says seriously. It would take a veritable assault for him to criticize anyone with the team.


  11. See you in February Zach....

  12. Now Arnott taking subtle shots at Mac? He will be victim of a Thanksgiving MASSACRE...Paging Ken Hitchcock

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    2. Devilsfan118


      Don't really see that as a shot at anyone in particular

    3. Random Poster

      Random Poster

      Stating fact regarding this season being weird is taking a shot at the coach?

    4. ThreeCups


      It was all brought up when asked about the benching...I and others I have spoke with, took it as a comment involving MacLean

  13. Some escape Colin!

    1. Colin226


      At lease the Nets are winning!! GO NETS!!

    2. losdiablos103
    3. Devilsfan118


      The Nets...is that lacrosse or something? =)

  14. the sad truth: Liles, a DEFENSEMAN has 4 more pts than our leading scorers (Liles 10 pts, Zub/Kovy 6 pts)

  15. I am finally a "Winner"!!!

  16. I'm hoping everyone that enters wins....still nothing for me yet

  17. I hope for everyone who wasn't at the game tonight's sake that there will be a video of the Elias goal posted somewhere. IT FEELS LIKE 2000 AGAIN

    1. DevilNurn


      couldn't get over how gorgeous that goal was.

    2. Quinn01


      Yeah that goal was AMAZING. I couldnt believe it. It all went down so perfectly.

  18. msweet...you're terrible!

  19. Battle in Philly tonight...THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

  20. Pat Burns is still alive everyone....

  21. MantaRay, stop hating...amazing signing, you will see

  22. Flying Dragons 4-Life

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