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  1. Gotta root for the heavyweight enforcers. The most memorable ones in recent years for me were definitely Peluso and Oliwa....
  2. Yup. Season after season we get crap promotions. The only semi decent ones at "The Rock" thus far that I can recall are the various lithographs, the Stevens Hall of Fame poster, and the winter hat which is awesome. Anddddddd the Marty poster/mini stick this Friday will be decent. The rest has been grade A sh!t! We need to get back with the rest of the sports world and get a nice 3-4 bobbleheads for next year! Hell, I'll even take one of LOU!!
  3. The Stevens, Brodeur, Daneyko, and NJ Devils Mascot bobbleheads were all given away in 2002-2003 at Continental Airlines Arena. The team's marketing department has really dropped the ball on promotions all around since. There has been a few decent ones, but nothing really noteworthy or on the level of a bobblehead night. There needs to be a DUAL bobblehead of Doc & Chico, as well as Parise, another Marty, and a few others. (maybe Zajac, Elias, or Langenbrunner- all viable candidates) They need to step it up. Lowell has given away 3 already, and Clemmer will be the 4th....
  4. Is it possible that Patty is being....benched?!?!?
  5. I think they end the skid tonight. PREDICTION: Devils 3 Pens 1
  6. I think he might be. Check out this article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Frost_(sports_agent) The part towards the end about the credit cards makes me think so, they just might be a couple...
  7. Monday April 13 9-10PM and 11PM-12AM. It is a nice documentary on Marty, I only wish they let Doc do the show instead of Cangialosi....
  8. I am looking for select games on DVD (playoffs, milestones, etc), as well as the "Celebrating 552" special that just aired on MSG. I am also looking for some quality pictures from practices at South Mountain Arena from 94-97. If anyone can help me out please email me at 3devilscups@gmail.com, I am willing to pay or trade for other Devils items...
  9. I liked him in his brief time here. All those stories about him and that guy Frost were crazy....
  10. This store did a great job with the signing. It was very organized, and it was not rushed whatsoever. One of the better signings I have ever attended. I hope they get some other players in the future...
  11. Too hard to pick just one, so my select list in no particular order: Mike Peluso Jason Arnott Scott Niedermayer Bill Guerin Krzysztof Oliwa Petr Sykora
  12. I am thinking of getting a nice fight 16 x 20 signed...maybe the tossing of Avery
  13. If anyone can put this on DVD I am very interested in a copy. Please email me at 3devilscups@gmail.com I can either pay for it or trade for Devils memorabilia.
  14. Priceless. "This is Bob. Bob has bi*%htits." I give Avery a few games before someone pounds him mercilessly....
  15. I am still looking for a Fraser bobblehead. Thanks
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