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  1. Let's focus on getting some top 9 forwards who can put the puck in the net please
  2. I just don't see anyone paying that kind of price They will hook a few morons here and there; but for the most part they will not sell steadily.
  3. If they go this route, the $3,000 Henrique jerseys will sit and collect multiple layers of dust
  4. I miss it and wish they brought it back Not holding my breath for it though Seems to be done for good
  5. If Lou is pushed out, I will ignite fireworks in my backyard immediately
  6. I forgot the night they were ending, I wanted to snag a cheap one Who did you end up getting?
  7. Elias will never wear the "C" again.... I think Greene is the logical choice; I wouldn't be upset with Henny or Zajac getting it. But I think Andy is the frontrunner by a good margine at this point.
  8. THIS We don't have a captain as of now, I think it is fine to discuss it
  9. He could be Photoshopped in, haha I think it was more about the retirement banners, and how Marty is next in line....
  10. Great post I always loved Jagr when he was with the Pens; I geeked out big time when we signed him Was great seeing him in the red and black, a real travesty we couldn't go on a playoff run with him.
  11. Expensive and addicting hobby Gonna need to sell a kidney soon!
  12. Sick jerseys! If I did not go on an outlandish spending spree as of late, I may have been tempted
  13. Complete train wreck of an event, as usual with this club Everything about it was poor
  14. Anyone interested in 1 ticket for the VIP package? Price is $497.50, it includes the following: Reserved premium tickets to the Alumni Game and one VIP parking pass 60-minute “Meet and Greet” with the players from the 1994-95 team Reebok premier jersey with 20th Anniversary commemorative patch I want to go, but unfortunately need to buy multiples of 2 tickets. If anyone is interested please DM me or email me at 3devilscups@gmail.com
  15. I wouldn't mind, it is hard to be worse than Lou has been for the past 5 or so years
  16. Wowwww Monster pickup, congrats. That thing is sweeeeeeeeeeeet!
  17. He's made a few quality, quality stops.....25 saves through 2 periods!
  18. Tonight he is turning back the clock for a vintage Marty performance It may be his best game he will ever play in a jersey other than a Devils; but it is fun to watch.
  19. Will be watching the old man on GameCenter tonight....a win tonight would put him 10 away from the 700 mark Good luck Marty
  20. I would love to see this, haha... Even if he posts a shutout, his quotes and behavior last year forced Lou's hand. Cory is our guy for the future, there is no point in looking back now. Marty was never going to start for us this year period. Even if we tried to bring him back as a backup it would have jeopardized/ruined our chance to lock Cory up long term.
  21. Interesting We really can't get much worse, let's see what he has
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