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  1. Those are sweet. We have plenty of worthy players to do something similar with. So these are not quite a standard "giveaway", it comes with a special ticket you need to buy. $45 for the upper level ticket, and this is included. Pretty sweet deal in my opinion. I would be in for any and all games the Devils did something similar. So these Isles lockers do not have sponsor logos on them, and were produced out of pocket by the team to entice fans to buy tickets. With that being said, teams routinely get sponsors to pay for tons of giveaways. The Devils have to be one of the worst in sports in this regard. I am not sure if it is out of completely laziness/not giving a sh!t, or lack of the right personnel in marketing. It is probably a combination of both, but more of the "not caring" attitude than anything else.
  2. Wouldn't a return by #30 be something...
  3. They did a nice winter hat a few years ago too, mainly red with black and a thin white stripe.... The windshield cleaner thing was random; I want a Devils item as a giveaway
  4. The promos have sucked since we left CAA I am trying to think here; I think the best Pru Center promo has to be the Niedermayer Retirement Night Mini Banner....and the Marty 552 mini stick I can't even think of any other decent ones....
  5. I do not look at any opponent and assume a loss. I think we really are capable of playing with anyone when we are "on". Cory is the huge X factor in these games when he is playing well. I hope they show some heart and win some of these games.
  6. Josefson has earned his minutes, and scored an absolutely huge shootout goal that we needed more than anything Hopefully he continues to play well
  7. They gave the 4 pack away to people who bought one of their weekend or mini plans They gave a 4 pack with each bobble signed to full STH's that year (I got this one) They eventually dumped off the non signed extras in the Team Store Thanks! It is ridiculous not to have them; it would certainly increase attendance for those mid-week games against less than desirable opponents. The best part about it is they can get a sponsor to foot the bill! Makes ZERO sense not to do them....hopefully they are brought back one day. I have been told this day will not come until Lou is out!
  8. A buddy of mine just texted me about this. It is pretty funny that he is sitting there popping sh!t I always found it odd that he made his way into that group. I would much rather see someone else in his place
  9. A win is a win. Not the prettiest of wins, but 2 points we needed. Will Larsson finally stick in the lineup? Maybe we can put Sal in the press box and bring Gelinas back?!?
  10. 2001 Finals....PUKE That is all I have to say... A blown opportunity, and that would Cup would have cemented us a mini dynasty for sure.
  11. More The Rock opened 7 years ago, and there has been 0 bobbleheads given away at the new building Lou is adamantly against them; as this is too much emphasis on the individual. Hopefully when he goes, they come back.... The last one given away was Dano, I believe sometime in 2004 Marty, Stevens and NJ Devil were all right around the same time, I believe 2003 They are hands down my favorite promo items, here are most of mine in my Devils cave: It wouldn't even cost much to the sponsor; whoever the Devils have in charge of these projects royally SUCK at it....
  12. At this point it seems Jagr is the heart and soul of the team. A leader that everyone on the roster looks up to. Anything short of a 1st rounder IMHO would not be worth moving him for. As long as we are somewhat in the hunt, I think Jaromir needs to stay. He was almost singlehandedly the only thing that made this team bearable to watch last season.
  13. I gave him tons of chances, but let's be honest....his SOLE contribution to the organization was a somewhat fluke of a run to the 2012 Finals.....other than that, he's accomplished 0.... I am pretty much done with him; we cannot sit around and wait forever until it's too late like we did with Johnny Mac. If this sh!tstorm continues he needs to go ASAP. We cannot afford another season of golf in early April. As far as a replacement; I would support bringing in Mr. Adam Oates. Scott Stevens would miraculously return as an Assistant and all could be right in the world. Our PK cannot go from one of the best to the worst in one offseason. UNACCEPTABLE. Let's see what Lou does, I am guessing he will do nothing. Maybe PDB has serious black mail photos/videos on him. There is no other explanation for his undying loyalty to a bozo who has a horrifying record as a HC in the NHL.
  14. Seriously?!? A lottery pick?!? Not a chance...
  15. I have the game DVR'd, I can take a video of my projector screen on my phone
  16. Do you have a bigger version of the Chico banner you can post?
  17. What could people be honestly expecting in return in a Larsson deal?!?!? His value is certainly not very high, and it seems like they are hurting his value further with every game he sits in the press box. Will be interesting to see how he plays tonight vs the Rangers
  18. So these players told a complete stranger that PDB "doesn't like them" and that is why they are sitting?!?! WOW
  19. ThreeCups

    Club Seats

    AMEN! The Club Seat Buffett experience was always a fun one
  20. I hope not... Gelinas' shot from the point (wrister or slapper) creates chances....we need that bigtime
  21. I suppose Clowe could get in one of their ears and try to "recruit" them here I really think we can make a run with this team; adding one of them would only further bolster the roster.
  22. Probably because they played it as loud as possible to drown out the chants It was at a deafening level in the arena
  23. I wouldn't mind getting Marleau or Thornton in a trade
  24. They played the new horrible goal song as loud as the system could handle, in hopes of covering up the "YOU SUCK!" chant I think the chant is stupid....I don't care if other people do it. It is unfortunate that RnR Pt. 2 is gone because of this. I like the song because it is a great song, and was part of our tradition for years and years.
  25. Not that impressive IMO They spent millions on this thing?!? Meh...
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