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  1. Seems like Scotty didn't see eye to eye with Pete Maybe when PDB exits, Scott will be back
  2. Look forward to seeing some pics one day.... I believe we had an entire thread devoted to this on here somewhere, maybe we need to revive it
  3. CR let's see some photos of the cave! COUGH: SHOWOFF: COUGH Nice list there Jordan, still waiting for a few of those items to come home to papa!
  4. Interesting move. Maybe he just wants to relax a bit and not be so involved at this point in his life?
  5. Any chance he returns to the Devils, hat in hand, and asks to be the backup? Promises not to say anything negative in the press, and fully embrace the "backup role"?? Clemmer plays in the A... I realize this is a severe longshot and not likely whatsoever...but I honestly wouldn't be shocked by it
  6. The financial aspect of sports is going to ruin it for the fans In years from now mediocre players will be making $10M/year, with marquee players making $22M/year It is getting out of control, and the fan are the ones that have to foot the bill by having to pay ABSURD ticket prices.
  7. Schneids will take down the Vezina this year Book it!
  8. When I saw this, I realized Marty must have went off the deep end completely He is trying to dictate playing time AND making financial demands?!?!? Just hang em up #30, it was a great run
  9. No chance Mr. Jagr defends his title?
  10. Like the move Low risk with high upside Maybe he will be revitalized here with the other Czechs, and on a team looking for redemption from a sh!tshow of a season...
  11. I would be happy with 50 points outta Mr. C He hasn't played a full season since 08-09
  12. Wait guys, I have a friend who has the perfect solution... Get ready for this... It IS NOT a joke... Backup goaltender should be.... NIKOLAI KHABIBULIN!!! And yes, he is serious about it....
  13. Hopefully he works out, I am on the fence about this one
  14. Will be interesting to see if he signs somewhere tomorrow, or lets it drag out for a few days....
  15. I am a bit surprised that he is generating this much interest I expected a team or 2 to reach out; would have never imagined this. NHL GM's by and large and dumber than I thought....
  16. Henrique or Zajac The 2 safest options
  17. The sad truth is, we will NEVER see an era like that again... The whole organization feels different now. We had a prime Brodeur in goal, with two HOF defenseman in Stevens and Nieds; along with other excellent complimentary d-men in their own right over the years. Driver, Dano, White, Rafalski, etc etc It was an amazing run...and will surely be missed.
  18. The biggest issue is, does he want to stay here? I do not know if throwing tons of money at him will be enough to get it done. I hope we sign him to a long term deal; but I am definitely nervous about it.
  19. I am watching it right now on DVR as well; lotsa Chico to enjoy for sure.... Won't be the same without him
  20. I am afraid the sun may have set on the old man too....
  21. Next season is HUGE for the organization. What happens next year will determine the next 6-8 years of the club. It begins with Schneider. Would love to see us lock him up. How many of the old aging d-men can we shed? We have plenty of kids that are ready/near ready for the big show. Our blueline should be solid for quite some time. We need some scoring up front...needs to be addressed ASAP
  22. Even with Marty gone (which seems to be 99.99% at this point), what makes you think Schneider would want to sign long term here? The team was atrocious this season, and I am sure he is upset with the carousel he had to endure. I think him starting 60-65 games next year would erase the sour taste a bit, but c'mon...he will have his choice of several different teams with similar financial$.....
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