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  1. From the sounds of TG, doesn't seem like Marty will be in tonight
  2. I wonder what kind of return we could get on him A. Over the summer B. Early Season next year C. Trade Deadline
  3. I would never look to sign a player based on shootout numbers I honestly think nearly every single player in the entire league would score more than 3 goals in 46? shootout attempts or whatever the number is now... 6.52% is unfathomable
  4. A friend mentioned this when the Shanny news was coming out last night.... I know Shanny and Marty are friends, or at least friendly with one another....but he can't be that stupid, can he?!? R.I.P. Shanahammer Suspension Videos...I will miss those indeed
  5. If he was willing to sign this summer I would give him something like 7 years/$45 mill If I had to go to 8/$50 I would
  6. Well, another meaningless contest between two dogsh!t teams... I hope we play angry tonight. I also hope to see #30 between the pipes for this one, and Sunday Marty has been a dick lately, but the team should give him these last 2 meaningless contests. LET'S GO DEVILS!!!
  7. If Cory refuses to sign this summer, I take one more crack at it around Christmas time.. If he does not sign on the line that is dotted....I start blowing up GM's phones to see what we can get in return for him. We absolutely CANNOT afford to lose him in free agency for nothing. Lou better wake up on this one
  8. IMHO his record as it stands now will not be broken It would take a special, special player to even sniff the record Think about it; someone would need 17 consecutive 40 win seasons to even hit 680 Most players/goaltenders do not even enjoy a 17 year career. A potential record breaker would have to come into the league very young, and play on a solid team(s) for 17 years straight; while still performing at a high level and getting 65-70 starts. I just can't see it ever happening.... EDIT: But I totally agree he wants that fat round 7-0-0 He also had a telling quote a couple weeks ago about how he wants his youngest son to have memories of him playing. I can understand it....but all of the bloodshed quotes to the media were unnecessary and over the top for sure.
  9. He wouldn't have at least a shot on the Island?!? At this point I think the Brodeur/Lou divorce is pretty much official. If Marty really can't find any takers, will his pride allow him to come back to Lou with hat in hand? I can't see it....there has been too much damage already over the past couple of months.... If Lou resigns Marty, he should be canned immediately. I love Marty, he is my all time favorite player. But the way this season unfolded was nauseating. We cannot bring Marty back under any circumstance. Cory is the future and losing him to free agency would be a devastating blow to the organization.
  10. Absolutely none, unless we offer him a MEGA deal that his agent tells him won't be matched anywhere else Unfortunately, with the team sucking and the way the goaltending crisis of 2013-2014 unfolded....I think he will leave Other teams will be backing up the truck for him as well. $$$$
  11. Hopefully he can be our starter when Cory bolts on 7/1/15 Aforementioned theft was the first misstep for Gillis in Vancouver....the rest is history.
  12. No goalie in the world can have a good record when your team doesn't score goals in your starts.
  13. I do dream of a PP with Jagr and Kovy on it....lethal.
  14. Realistically, the best case scenario for Marty is that he goes to a team that will allow him to "compete" for a starting job.... Do you guys think he is just saying this stuff, or if he truly believes it's going to be that easy for him?
  15. Oh no...there is far more than 72 hours left of quotes There will be a few throughout the summer, and a bunch right before/after July 1...when Marty likely signs a deal with another team I have to think there is at least *1* team that would love to have him as a backup and veteran presence on their team... Especially when he will likely come at a rather cheap price....
  16. I agree... Anyone who has ever played hockey by law of averages would score more than 1 on 30+ attempts...it is just sickening to watch this group of misfits go into a shootout.
  17. I think it is time for Pete to be shown the door.... I would have liked to see 3 completely random guys tonight in the shootout....Harrold, Bernier and Zubrus woulda been fine with me. ANYTHING FOR A CHANGE!! The regulars have not got it done all season, so any 3 guys would have been a better selection tonight. Thanks for the 2012 run Pete...your surely a dead man walking
  18. Oh boy, just reading this now... Is a ban foreva, eva...foreva, eva?!? Or can you be reinstated after community service, etc?
  19. Anyone have a guess on STH drop % from this season to next? Between the team being putrid, and all of the fvckery they are doing with the selling of tickets, etc...I expect a decent drop
  20. I will be there and will certainly boo the sh!t out of Zach at every chance I have been resting my vocal chords all week for this... Would love to see Ruutu or someone level his ass
  21. Who knows I do not even see my playoff invoice in my account?!?!?
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