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  1. Do you have a link for that? Im on my phone so its hard to find stuff
  2. Seriously? Those would be sold out im guessing huh?
  3. Any idea if they're still doing tickets for playoffs? Been a while since I've been in line, but im sitting here as we speak with no one around. Hope its not for nothing
  4. There's really no one here with a video of it?
  5. Anyone have a video of that Marchand clip on Kovy?
  6. Every team has their idiots. The Devils have plenty of them. Also Marchand calling people classless made me laugh far to hard.
  7. Just to post here, since I haven't in forever. The 10$ line has gone to crap essentially. I haven't gone at all this year, so hopefully it got better, but when I originally posted this I loved to go down and wait in line all day. People never cut, the security guards payed attention to the line, and most of the people knew each other so it led to a great atmosphere for people to just hang out and get ready for the game that night. Then we got some groups of nutcases who do nothing productive with their life and just sit in line getting drunk and assuming they're better then everyone else. (Nothing against some drinking in line, we all did it, but these are the guys who act like their in high school and a sip of alcohol means they're the cool kids in line). The last few times I sat in line last year I wanted to rip my hair out listening to these clowns attempting to talk hockey and claim how great of fans they are. By the way, here are the culprits that in my mind are ruining the line. (Not the big guy, he's actually a good guy, just to hangs out with idiots) There's also this jackass Paul, who thinks he's the cream of the crop. You'll usually see him around the line hitting on every girl possible. Mainly the bigger ones and the ones who are underage. It's probably the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. And finally the few white trash 40-50 year olds who bring their lawn chairs and sit in the front. They let the most people cut that I've ever seen. No class at all. I'm embarrassed that these people are Devils fans. Hope you can all stay away from them. Shame something that was so awesome and I loved so much has turned to complete crap. I'm so glad I just have a job now and am willing to pay a bit more for tickets then waiting with these people.
  8. Just posting this here for a friend. "Fellow Devils fans, I have two tickets to Devils vs. Flyers on Sunday, March 11, 2012. Game is at 7:00pm at the Prudential Center. Section 6- row 16- seats 9 and 10. I paid $108.00 per ticket and am selling them at exactly that. I'm not trying to make a profit, just bummed that I cant make it and am hoping to pass them on without losing any money. PM me if you are interested." Message me or leave a comment on here if you are interested. Should be a good game!
  9. Everyone on the last 2 pages should take all their Devils gear, and give it to someone who actually knows something about hockey. The Devils played a great game, Lundqvist just played amazing. We got unlucky. Stop pretending like any of you know anything about hockey. Seriously, this group of fans is un-fvcking-believable. Go away fair weather fans.
  10. I've gotten a few right off of NHL.com. Don't worry about the current roster, just put a space before and after the name. It'll keep it centered but not pick it up on the "current roster" crap. I've gotten a Fraser and Tedenby one.
  11. This is the same for all the sports. To a random fan who watches games occasionally they aren't going to be able to tell teams apart unless they know the general color schemes of the team. Soccer jerseys look great, they're nice and simple and fit what the sport needs. Also if you want to talk about giant billboards let's compare. Soccer: Hockey:
  12. I think what makes this revenge even sweeter is, they got knocked out last game last season also. 2 in a row would be absolutely fvcking epic.
  13. I've just been throwing my opinion on what I've seen about the section so far based on the here, people talking about it, and from afar at games. I haven't yet said it's a bad thing, quite the opposite. I've just stated that it's clearly not a place for me, and I would be willing to put money on it that it's not for me. That does not mean it isn't for everyone, most people here seem to really enjoy it and that's great. Maybe there's some people on here that are more like me and wouldn't enjoy it. Think of it as if I deter someone away from it that is like me it could cause less problems in the future with people bad mouthing the section. And there are other people who feel the same way I do, just because they don't post here doesn't mean they aren't out there. I've talked about it with other people. I think it's a great idea that has to start somewhere, and I hope it the best. (Pretty sure I stated that in my first post). I wouldn't sit there, but that doesn't keep anyone else from. (I'm not even able to attend games anymore this season anyways due to knee surgery and on crutches till May) I just get upset seeing fans believing they're so much better then others and as DevsMan said "I just do not want it to turn into another exclusionist clique at the Rock who take every little crticism as a direct insult". Unfortunately the way I see it it's starting to turn that way QUICK. Hopefully it takes a turn otherwise.
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