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  1. Odd....no NHL games tonight. 14 tomorrow. 🤔
  2. Thankfully, neither of those 2 got a hat trick in our building.
  3. Bratt breakaway, dumb icing, led to tying goal off face-off. Game changers.
  4. Dano calling panarin, shesterkin.
  5. I agree with everyone on the gambling oversaturation. Hate it. Yet I'm still not yearning for Bryce's stats when he's off.
  6. We're going to have to outscore them. They pass so good, so far, not blocking the lanes.
  7. Sharks getting toasted again, 7-1 still in the 2nd.
  8. Will be a tough one beating them back-to-back, hopefully the PP stays hot. And since Jack was off the board Sunday, looking for a 3 pt night tonight. LGD!
  9. There should've been a moment of silence before the anthem, imho.
  10. Anyone know how this works? I bought 5 tickets for today that include a $10 food/beverage voucher fir each, which shows on the top bar on my e-tickets. Do I have to open account manager on the concession line? Do I have to transfer the tickets ahead of entry? If there were instructions about the vouchers, I missed them. Thx.
  11. Couldn't find anything when searching on this. Am going to the game, so I am curious. Thx.
  12. And we're the only game in the league tonight. Spotlight to ourselves. Prepare for lots of Jack butt kissing by the national crew, deservedly so.
  13. Already told work I have to leave by 4. Devils Hockey Dammit!!
  14. Bryce is a much better read, than a listen, as I am turned off by the micro analysis of his analytics stats. Totally pumped for tomorrow night, in sect. 110. LGD!
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