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  1. Just getting around to seeing that interview. Was he sitting down? Or was his interpreter 7 ft tall? Love how he tried some English. And the Hedman ref. Though that may make Nico cringe. 😜
  2. Odd....no NHL games tonight. 14 tomorrow. 🤔
  3. Thankfully, neither of those 2 got a hat trick in our building.
  4. Bratt breakaway, dumb icing, led to tying goal off face-off. Game changers.
  5. Dano calling panarin, shesterkin.
  6. I agree with everyone on the gambling oversaturation. Hate it. Yet I'm still not yearning for Bryce's stats when he's off.
  7. We're going to have to outscore them. They pass so good, so far, not blocking the lanes.
  8. Sharks getting toasted again, 7-1 still in the 2nd.
  9. Will be a tough one beating them back-to-back, hopefully the PP stays hot. And since Jack was off the board Sunday, looking for a 3 pt night tonight. LGD!
  10. There should've been a moment of silence before the anthem, imho.
  11. Anyone know how this works? I bought 5 tickets for today that include a $10 food/beverage voucher fir each, which shows on the top bar on my e-tickets. Do I have to open account manager on the concession line? Do I have to transfer the tickets ahead of entry? If there were instructions about the vouchers, I missed them. Thx.
  12. Couldn't find anything when searching on this. Am going to the game, so I am curious. Thx.
  13. And we're the only game in the league tonight. Spotlight to ourselves. Prepare for lots of Jack butt kissing by the national crew, deservedly so.
  14. Already told work I have to leave by 4. Devils Hockey Dammit!!
  15. Bryce is a much better read, than a listen, as I am turned off by the micro analysis of his analytics stats. Totally pumped for tomorrow night, in sect. 110. LGD!
  16. It's obvious the staff didn't care if they won last night's game, playing half of Utica, just funny how it turned out.
  17. They should let the backup goalie play the rest of this game. Nice the extras are getting this game, before they get sent down. Must admit, half watching, with no 86, 63, 28, etc...
  18. Sometimes, no choice but to eat there, rushing, late from work... This link also came in one of those 'know before you go' e-mails. Looks mouth-watering here.... https://www.prucenter.com/concessions?et_rid=150594876
  19. The 3 tender w/fries was $14.99. I think the 5 tender meal was $19.99 last night. Note, the 3 tenders seemed much smaller than last year. Nevertheless, except for the pizza, and that maybe half the concessions were open, the open ones were packed in both intermissions, just before the game, they were basically all no wait.
  20. eldon


    Some articles say 'New York area'. Wonder what that means. Which arena(s). I do wish them luck. Will be rough.
  21. You're older than me! 😜 Though I do remember him on This Week in Baseball, a must watch back then.
  22. Been there many times for signings. Grade A store. Dad was a great guy, always talked to fans on line waiting for autographs. Glad his daughter is keeping it going. And proud the Devil players and ex ones are all on board. Win/Win/Win - Player/store/fans.
  23. Besides prices, felt the nachos were not a bad deal, (for arena prices) and the chicken fingers and tater tots, were the only food items we had the last couple of years. Pro sporting event concessions are overpriced everywhere. Did Chipotle on Market, a handful of times, when not enough time to eat out before getting to the game. During the playoffs, the $5 sausage sandwich from the truck, was a steal.
  24. RIP! The early days were quite different. Meadowlands arena felt more like an auditorium.
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