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  1. Bounc back tonight boys...a win tonight will be huge...LET'S GO DEVILS!
  2. which one from Sweden? ino theres a few
  3. site looks great and a lot better than the old one
  4. Rangers in 13th would be amazing, and can someone tell me why theyre trying to create suspense but releasing predictions on different dates?
  5. Right now they are, but if you look at what Creed did back in the day Creed is a lot better and they had a lot more hits than Alter Bridge does. However Stapp isn't what he used to be and now Alter Bridge has the better sound ill give you that. But considering achievements Creed is deff the better band
  6. Sounds like i deff need to go see funny people...and the goods and distric 9 look really good.
  7. Yeah your right that's going to happen first...but heres aonther crazy idea..Silva vs. GSP
  8. can we please get some intelligent hockey people to run the NHL please? im so tired of listening to their terrible ideas. We need like people who can bring it back to main stream ya know?
  9. Especially without Ellis..that hurts the d-line and our QB situation is questionable as of right now. I cant shake the thought out of my mind that Sanchez is going to be a bust...i have such a bad feeling about it
  10. Seriously Forrest was a let down. I really thought he was going to pull the upset, but it just goes to show how good Silva is. Dana white needs to have Silva and Machida fight each other...it would be such a sick fight...n is rampage next for silva?
  11. haha i saw em back in 02...i was seein if any1 was goin to the reunion...what about Crue Fest 2? I cant wait for Godsmack
  12. this is the case in many jersey concerts. When ever the Devils are brought up ppl just go nuts...its awesome
  13. my bad. I wasnt around last football season so i wasnt sure how it worked around here.
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