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  1. i know i miss it i really really miss it the food and the people. you can keep the rest.
  2. Firenas was an Italian kid I grew up with back in the old neighborhood....loved the prosciutto di parma with mozz from Fiore's...
  3. what a disappointing effing weekend. ugly.
  4. Keep Em! Any timeline on Hischier and Bratt?
  5. looks like we got a team boys...and girls!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  6. is this team going to be any good this year? enlighten the morons around here...like me.
  7. reporting for duty. step right up you poor souls, you.
  8. got it. thank you. My parents live in South Seaside Park--my heart is still there--in fact, met my wife there. best to you--anyone from SSP is good in my book!
  9. I don't catch any Ranger games out here in CA. How has Kakko looked this season in relation to Hughes? Curious to hear some insight here...
  10. that's the case with 85% of billionaires. all cut from the same mold. this is what happened: a major disagreement took place regarding a key decision and they both said, "fvck it, we are over it". and walked away.
  11. "last few years" vs. 20+ of being a perennial powerhouse is fine by me...I would take those Lou days (good, bad, ugly) over this GARBAGE any day of the week. This is a downright embarrassment now.
  12. Since 2011-2012, this franchise has been nothing but GARBAGE. I am over it.
  13. Y'all hate me so I feel like I am playing with house money... Lou Lamoriello single handedly built and guided this franchise from 1987-2015. Ever since then, this franchise has been GARBAGE--from top to bottom and every single step in between. This franchise is now a shell of its former self, and that's being generous, and I (along with many others) barely recognize it. It's really sad how far down a once proud franchise and perennial contender has fallen...this has to be rock bottom, right? This is HORRID.
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