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  1. reporting for duty. step right up you poor souls, you.
  2. I don't like the move, I LOVE the move...
  3. got it. thank you. My parents live in South Seaside Park--my heart is still there--in fact, met my wife there. best to you--anyone from SSP is good in my book!
  4. I don't catch any Ranger games out here in CA. How has Kakko looked this season in relation to Hughes? Curious to hear some insight here...
  5. that's the case with 85% of billionaires. all cut from the same mold. this is what happened: a major disagreement took place regarding a key decision and they both said, "fvck it, we are over it". and walked away.
  6. "last few years" vs. 20+ of being a perennial powerhouse is fine by me...I would take those Lou days (good, bad, ugly) over this GARBAGE any day of the week. This is a downright embarrassment now.
  7. Since 2011-2012, this franchise has been nothing but GARBAGE. I am over it.
  8. Y'all hate me so I feel like I am playing with house money... Lou Lamoriello single handedly built and guided this franchise from 1987-2015. Ever since then, this franchise has been GARBAGE--from top to bottom and every single step in between. This franchise is now a shell of its former self, and that's being generous, and I (along with many others) barely recognize it. It's really sad how far down a once proud franchise and perennial contender has fallen...this has to be rock bottom, right? This is HORRID.
  9. mikepeluso8

    Fire Hynes

    you ranggggggggggg?!??!?!?!
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