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  1. The Devils will continue their surge if: they continue to see production from Hischier and Hughes. If these two return to normal, we will be back in the doldrums.
  2. nope. didn't. was at the USMNT game and was tracking (loosely) the Devils game on my phone. They suck. Why sit down and watch these games anymore? They're HORRIBLE.
  3. Been watching this team closely since 1995 (when I was old enough to comprehend what the F was going on): this has been the WORST RUN I can remember. This is HORRIBLE. We are basement dwellers year after year after year. Worse than the Mets. Worse than the Jets. This a complete and utter disgrace. Heads should roll.
  4. i know i miss it i really really miss it the food and the people. you can keep the rest.
  5. Firenas was an Italian kid I grew up with back in the old neighborhood....loved the prosciutto di parma with mozz from Fiore's...
  6. what a disappointing effing weekend. ugly.
  7. Keep Em! Any timeline on Hischier and Bratt?
  8. looks like we got a team boys...and girls!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. is this team going to be any good this year? enlighten the morons around here...like me.
  10. reporting for duty. step right up you poor souls, you.
  11. got it. thank you. My parents live in South Seaside Park--my heart is still there--in fact, met my wife there. best to you--anyone from SSP is good in my book!
  12. I don't catch any Ranger games out here in CA. How has Kakko looked this season in relation to Hughes? Curious to hear some insight here...
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