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  1. '94 hurts a whole lot less right now

  2. 1 more day to recover

  3. All right, boys, time to exorcise some demons for good.

    1. NJDevs4978


      Yeah I guess it was going to come down to this all along, Game 6 at home with a 3-2 lead.

    2. NJCroMag


      One and two and one and two and...feel the burn, boys! (Oh, wrong kind of exercising. My bad.)

  4. Anybody know how to post a segment of a youtube clip rather than the whole thing?

    1. Pepperkorn


      I think you'd have to cut it down for yourself -- I'm not sure how to do it -- try googling your question and see what you come up with. I saw a clip cutter or a gifmaker on the corner of some teeny clips here I think....

    2. Pepperkorn


      It was in bringbackbrylin's signature -- gifsoup.com

  5. Enjoying going into the offseason knowing who the coach is next year.



      Dont have to change my SN!

    2. Jerrydevil
    3. mouse


      I dunno, you could come up with a new nickname for Deboer each year.

  6. Every time McBain made a play, I wanted to yell "SCOEY!"

  7. Fvck Michigan. I fvcking hate college football more and more every time they do this to me.

  8. Got a Panera card. Hopefully it gives them luck.

  9. Here comes the war!

  10. Hooray! We have an innovative coach who knows how to develop rookies and works well with our difficult vets! Oh, wait.

    1. adam85491


      1 game. Calm the fvck down.

  11. I don't know how to feel, winning's fun, but I'm terrified of the moral victory/10th in east/lower draft pick season

  12. I think we should celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the Kovy thread every year

    1. Neb00rs


      Where's the like button?

  13. I'm clean shaven, hopefully for the last time in awhile, and ready for some Devils playoff hockey. Why isn't it Friday?

  14. I'm rooting for them to lose, not out of disloyalty, but because I get the feeling the playoffs are out of the question, and draft picks are nice.

  15. Life sucks and then you die.

  16. Long series.

  17. No matter what else happens, I can enjoy seeing a pint sized Gionta wearing 14.

    1. Vic Rattlehead18

      Vic Rattlehead18

      Tiny Gionta was throwing some big checks around.

  18. Not sure how to feel about the season, but I'm proud of the boys for fighting, even if it didn't start or finish the way we wanted. Stanley Cup 2012.

  19. Pumped to watch the A-ging line

  20. R.I.P. Burnsie

  21. So long and thanks for all the fish, Jamie.

  22. Thanks for everything, Whitey.

  23. The lockout needs to end! Going on the boards depresses me without hockey, but I miss everybody.

  24. To quote a great New Jerseyan, oh we're half way there. Oh oh livin on a prayer.

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