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  1. Have fun at Barclays dude, with an owner who abused the sh!t out of eminent domain to even build there in the first place (something to really get upset about).

    Ratner owns the Isles? When did that happen? If you're going to criticize, at least know your facts. I'm going to go back to doing work rather than dealing with you. Have a wonderful day.

  2. No, you go fvck yourself, the ultimate reactionary "feel free to judge all you want"-er in the history of this board with the ridiculous replies in this thread, like this was some catastrophe to North Jersey.

    Hypocritical much calling me reactionary and judgmental? Whatever, easy enough to ignore you. Just hope you neither vote nor reproduce.

  3. Holy crap, did you even read the article? 


    This is essentially no different than if you schedule an Uber pickup at a later time, he shows up early, parks in a handicap parking space and YOU get thrown into a PR nightmare because of it.


    But by all means, let's lynch Harris. In a fair world, he doesn't even have to do anything to "apologize" to St. Benedict's. The agreement he has with them is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Blame the school for using their field as a helipad for some extra funds.


    If you read the article, or even glanced at it, you (and everyone else crucifying Harris) would see that it was just a huge miscommunication (or entire lack thereof) between the helicopter company and St. Benedict's.


    He's a billionaire. I'm sure he pays a pretty penny for this helicopter chartering service. Their responsibility is to coordinate the helicopter's arrival with the time the Devils game is over; then report to the school. I'm sure Harris doesn't pay up the ass so he can be on his phone coordinating all these minor details while his team is playing at home. It's the absolute safest and most likely assumption that he knew absolutely none of this was going on.


    And he's STILL apologizing. That's the world we live in. Where crucifying someone and getting an immediate apology is tantamount to even thinking about that situation for just one second. "I'm going to watch games at Barclays from now on!" REALLY???????

    I did read the article, and drew some logical conclusions from it. My concerns were alleviated by his willingness to make it right. But feel free to judge all you want. Go fvck yourself.

  4. I'll take it a step further, there is almost no chance that he knew about the game beforehand. He charters a helicopter because he wants someone to take care of all the arrangements. Its not up to Harris to personally call the school to see if he can use the field, he almost definitely relied on someone else to do that, and they failed to do it. 


    In any event, he apologized and is inviting the families to the Rock, that's about the best he can do without a time machine. 

    Agreed. I think we do sometimes need to have the discussion about billionaire owners and how we entitle their bad behavior, but this turned out not to be the time and place.

  5. I'd like to see Lars paired with someone else eventually. IMO he's not that far from being similar to Greene in his abilty to elevate his partner, and even now, if he plays with somebody decent like Schlemko, that frees Greene up to work with Severson or Merrill. Of course, that means Severson and Merrill are going to be playing harder minutes, which could be a problem.

  6. Let's be serious here -   you think Josh Harris was thinking about calling up St. Benedict's to see if there was a game scheduled?  I don't think so.  And for that matter, if any of us were rich enough to have a helicopter cart us around the tri-state area, we wouldn't be thinking about calling them up either.


    Cancelling a game because the field used as a helipad was more important?  It may have been a simple dollars and sense decision.  I don't know if the U13 league has a permit agreement with SBP, but I'll tell you one thing - whether Harris is leasing the field as a helipad or is a potential or is an actual BENEFACTOR to SBP, it's a no-brainer in who wins out on that.  What Harris can give to SBP is in no way, shape, or form even close to what that U13 league could give.  So, from a strategical decision stand-point, while it pissed off a few kids and parents, in the long term, the decision was best for the school.

    And that's why I have no problem with Harris renting the field. I do have a problem that, because he has money, he feels entitled to inconvenience a bunch of 13 year olds rather than waiting an extra 45 minutes in the owner's box. If he makes it up in some way, fine, it's an honest mistake. If he doesn't, I think he's a self entitied prick who is fortunate enough to get away with it because he's loaded (and I have no problem with him being loaded, he earned his money), and I feel no need to financially support him, even if my tiny amount won't make any real difference.

    It's pretty clear that Harris has nothing to do with this. The charter company didn't do their due diligence before the flight to make are Harris was on schedule. The school headmaster says it later in the article.

    And if Harris apologizes/offers free tickets, whatever, fine, honest mistake. Since he hasn't (and told the company wait on this field that other people sometimes use until I get here), he doesn't get a free pass. I'm clearly not witholding judgment, but if he makes it right, I don't give a sh!t. If he doesn't, fvck him.

  7. Lol. k.

    I don't have patience for people who thinks paying for something means they own it. It's why I also don't like fans who think buying a ticket allows them to behave however they want. I'll go to games at Barclay's. Easier for me anyway. Certainly won't be paying for the Greene jersey I was gonna get myself for Christmas,

  8. Would've been fine with no captain, but pleased with the choice. He earned it a long time ago, and seems perfect now. Heard rumors from a decent sourse (I know, this is as bad as the security guard thing) that part of the reason he didn't get it was he was too open/honest about FO and coaching, so it's refreshing to see the team pick him. I loved Lou as much as anyone, but it was time for a change and we seem to be doing a lot of the right things differently.

  9. The hipster thing is overblown IMO. While hipsters are vocal, Brooklyn is one of the most diverse places in the country. There are still a ton of old school New York cops and fire fighters, the kind of people who play men's league every Friday. There are also a ton of young families. Those are the people who will fill Barclay's (or not, but there will be more of them than hipsters). Will some hipsters show up once in awhile for novelty? Sure. Byt they'll be a mi Ortiz, kinda like the college kids who show up on discount nights at the Rock.

  10. Hell, we're Jersey's team, and fat lot of good that's done our attendance. Obviously, there's a difference between hockey and basketball as far as popularity goes, but a lot of New Jerseyans identify as Philly or NY sports fans, and are loyal to their teams, convenient or not. I grew up a Knicks fan because of my dad, and nothing was changing that. We occasionally went to Nets games because they were close and comparatively affordable, but Jersey loyalty wasn't enough to make me change my allegiance.

    IMO Brooklyn will be a success. It is part of Ling Island, and while it'll be tougher for Sussex people to get there, driving to the Mausoleum wasn't exactly a picnic. The team and LIRR need to get their sh!t together, because driving and parking are a nightmare at Barclay's, but it's a good venue on a transportation hub. Plus the Isles are an exciting young team with cheaper tickets than the Rags, so they'll draw some NYC fans as well.

    If Isles are smart, they'll black off some seats. Don't see them selling out the venue anyway most games (it's big) so they might as well try to get people in good seats.

  11. Has replaced Madden as my all time favorite (no disrespect to Madden either). Classy, smart, tough player who manages to be honest without being a d!ck. I think he's probably done with the Devils after this year unless he and Zacha click like crazy (unlikely, considering they may never even get to play together, assuming Zacha spends a year in the AHL). Hopefully he goes out on his terms, whether here or elsewhere. I doubt he makes the HOF, but would love to see him get some consideration.

















  13. Good move. It's gonna be a weird season. Good in a lot of ways -- we needed a rebuild, and it'll be more interesting to watch the kids than the washed up vets whose skills we already knew. That said, a lot of the guys I liked and supported are gonna now. Really, Greene and Elias are the only ones I really love now. Nothing against Lars, Schneids, and the kids, but it's been awhile since we've had this many new faces.

  14. He was the best, but he's probably done. He was certainly no longer the right fit for us by the end, and I say that despite being a Lou defender. I don't think he's a huge loss now, but I don't know how I feel about the future. We had a long, great run with Lou in charge, and we may never experience something that good again, which doesn't mean he had to be here forever, but it's a good time to remember the run he gave us.

  15. On Gelly: I'd like to see him paired with Lars. They played well together right when Gelly got called up, and due to coaching, injuries, and bad luck never got a chance to build on that. If Gelly's a disaster and needs to get benched or buried on the 3rd pairing, change it up, but IMO Lars is ready to play with anybody, and maybe this maximizes our assets. Rafalski was better with Stevens than he would have been with anyone else, and Nieds got a lot out of White. It's not always about putting your best d together and your worst.

    As for the board, I think the team has a lot to do with the posting. They're bad, they were going to be bad when they lost their best offensive players in back to back years and didn't gave the draft picks to fix it, and they're a boring kind of bad. There's not much to say. The people who have a lot to say are often repeating the same stuff, making ridiculous pronouncements (the obsessive love and hate for Lou and Marty that is completely devoid of nuance), or both. I post a lot less because I have nothing valuable to say. I read less because much of what's on here is the same. This offseason is the first time in awhile the team has been interesting. I don't know that that will translate to on-ice success, but it certainly adds to the discussion.

    In any case, complaints or not, this is still where I turn to talk about the Devils and learn about the Devils. It's a special board, and we should be grateful to DM, MSweet, and Rowdy for making it work. We should also do our best to keep it vibrant, respectful, and interesting, admittedly a more difficult task when our team isn't particularly vibrant or interesting.

  16. Going back to Vegas, I think the best comparison is Nashville. Rapidly growing metro area without much competition. Nashville had the advantage of a lot of auto workers from Detroit who already liked hockey moving in, but also had a football team. If Vegas is patient, they'll have fans in a generation as kids grow up, and right now will get people who like going to games, even if they root for someone else. The tourists are an interesting variable, but counting on tourists to generate income is a bad idea for a sports franchise. It will also be key to get people into hockey like Dallas did, rather than hoping it catches on magically like Atlanta or Phoenix. There's a reason southern expansion failed, and the desert isn't exactly a hockey market. Of course, they would have the advantage of being the only major league gig in town. IMO Seattle and Quebec are stronger, but Vegas could work, and since I don't see Phoenix being vible for much longer, 3 cities will probably be getting teams.

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