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  1. I'm not inclined to defend Sutter for much, but I don't mind line matching tonight. Dog and Pando have been playing there best hockey in awhile, and it's a little bit of a reward/confidence boost for them. We're gonna need them as the season goes on, so overusing them against a bad team to make them feel a little better isn't a bad move. Also, there offense wasn't terrible, they forechecked, and Rupper drew the penalty that set up Langs' goal. If we get all 4 lines firing on all cylinders, this team could be scary good. Also, Parise wasn't playing a great game, so it was a good time to use eve
  2. I'm with you too. It doesn't take much to get Dog, Langs, Elias, Parise, Martin et al to play hard, and Sutter's in game strategy has been questionable at best. He's overusing Clemmer (he needs a rest). He threw Weekes under the bus, good as Clemmer's been. His line work has been questionable, especially the 5 forward PP, but also playing Langs too much when he was hurt and never giving Vrana and Bergfors chances.
  3. Negative, but 100% TRUE Crosby article on Fox Sports.com I didn't know about the ball punch, there goes any respect I had for him. I want a real fighter to get him, can we play Leblond for the next Pittsburgh game and let him get suspended?
  4. First of all, I don't mind Crosby. He's good for the league. We need more casual fans if hockey is going to survive in America, and a lot of the progress since the lockout is because of Crosby and, albeit less so, Ovechkin. While it may p!ss off diehard hockey fans, overexposing these guys is good. Crosby finishing off the winter classic last year is a huge reason people watched it this year, and Crosby is a big reason more people watched the playoffs. That said, his behavior is inexcusable. Fighting is safe when people are prepared, but injuries happen when palyers take dirty hits. Fighting o
  5. Agreed. Dog's right. I think he'll get more playing time as the year goes on -- he and Pando are looking stronger together, they're line has started to give them some offense, as they're forechecking better, and it's a long season -- everybody has rough stretches.
  6. I started watching sports with my dad, who was never a hockey fan. He rooted for Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Rangers, but since he never watched hockey, I never got into the Rangers. I started watching a little bit in 93-94, and immediately hated Rangers fans. This isn't fair to real Rangers fans, but most of the fans in 94 never watched hockey and just jumped on the bandwagon. There's something extremely annoying about listening to people who know nothing talk trash. Since I lived in New Jersey, and rooted against the Rangers, I became a Devils fan. That said, I was never a huge hockey fan, I
  7. Shouldn't we get Weekes in? God knows when the last time Clemmer played this much is, he could start to tire out if Sutter isn't careful. We're playing a lot of games this month, and Weekes is good enough to beat Ottawa, even with the pizza line.
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