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  1. I've said this elsewhere, but Lou is the reason I'm a Devils fan and not a Rags fan. I'm nothing but grateful for everything he's done for this franchise. Forever, in Lou we trust.
  2. mouse


    I like Cloverleaf. Foods decent, rotating taps are nice. They have a surprisingly high number of basics, which is frustrating, and for a beer bar, the staff doesn't know that much, but if you know your sh!t and want to try some stuff, they're good.
  3. Haven't had a chance to post til now. I've always believed in Lou, even knowing how badly the past few years have gone. I've also always respected Shero, so while we're not in good shape, I'm cautiously optimistic long term. Also happy Lou went outside the organization/family to pick his successor, because, even as a Lou fan, that trend was bothersome. More importantly, Lou is the reason I'm a Devils fan. I picked my hockey team, and my dad likes the Rangers, so if anything, they would have been the logical choice. The classy, intelligent, professional organization that Lou ran drew me in, and I feel fortunate it did. I'm proud to be a Devils fan in a way I'm not proud of my other teams. Maybe the metro rivalries have something to do with that, but the Devils identity is so,etching special to me, and that's all Lou. I don't agree with every decision he's made, on ice or off, but it's been an honor to watch one of the greatest ever work for my entire hockey watching life. I'll always love this team. And I think this may be a smart change,. But this is the end of An amazing era, and it'll never be the same. Thanks for everything, Lou.
  4. I'd love to see Andy Greene, though I heard from a friend of a friend (admittedly as reliable a source as the security guard) that the powers that be think he's too critical, especially to the media, and they liked how Sal stayed positive.
  5. 4 v 4 would fvck up penalties royally. The 5 on 3 is a huge part of the game, for good reason. It's fvcking exciting, and a reward for discipline (or a penalty for lack thereof). Also, we have enough goals. We're past the trap heavy dead puck era, and the game, purely in terms of aesthetics, is, imo, as good as it's been in my lifetime. 3v3 ot makes sense, because too many games are being decided in the skills competition. We don't need to butcher the first 60 minutes to solve that problem.
  6. mouse


    Yeah, I do not have that kind of cash right now. Too bad.
  7. Best game I've been to live. I remember Elias had a great hat when he got 2nd star.
  8. mouse


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    That's dirty. I get wanting to make money and move your product, but that's a tactic straight out of the big 3 playbook.
  10. Parise had missed the previous season due to injury. He's small and takes a lot of contact. I would have wanted to see if he was healthy before offering him a long term deal as well. It's just stupid to say that Parise was baiting Lou, or Lou was wrong not to lock him up. It didn't work out, but I would do exactly what Lou did every time. Some of the Lou haters on here are ridiculous. I think where are some fair criticisms of the post lockout years, but the armchair gms who, thanks to hindsight, know exactly what Lou should have done are just bores. I also don't know how Lou's saying he doesn't want to talk about Elias' role next year relates to Parise leaving, unless your thesis is everything Lou does is wrong, so I'm going to relate it all together and whine.
  11. Don't know why we're treating this like an issue. Elias gave an honest answer like he's always done. Chere asked a stupid question, like he always does lately. The team sucks at forward, which we already knew. This isn't news.
  12. I take McDavid. As we've seen this year, it's hard to get a superstar, and hard to win without one. I'd rather build after the draft than take pieces. MAYBE if Buffalo has The number 2 pick and is dumb enough to trade a first next year and the chance to get Eichel I bite, but that's not likely.
  13. mouse


    Open question, inspired by a mediocre beer from a great brewery, do you think breweries should churn out multiple styles, for the sake of variety, or stick to 1 or 2 styles that they specialize in? I'm honestly torn on the issue.
  14. mouse


    I loved the first Maine beer I had. It wasn't Mean Old Tom. Unfortunately, don't remember what it was, as it was the last beer I drank in a series of high ABV craft beers. Deets got fuzzy at some point... I got a bad burger once, that was what turned me off.
  15. If our d was old, I'd completely agree with you, but right now we're okay at 2 of 3 positions, and the d is fragile as hell. If we get the right forwards and Merrill, Lars, or Severson regress, we're just as bad as we are now.
  16. Too bad Jags is going to a loser, but great haul for Lou. I guess good teams don't buy high.
  17. I wouldn't do it, for various reasons, but the biggest is how valuable the right goalie is when developing young d. A good goalie is a coach on the ice. Just look at how Marty worked with guys like Martin, Iduua, and Greene after Nieds left. He also bails kids out for their mistakes, which is huge for confidence. And just because I think it's a bad idea doesn't mean it's a bad discussion topic, so everyone flaming the OP calm the fvck down. For that matter, even if it wasn't a valid topic calm the fvck down. I liked this board for being mostly respectful. That seems to be going away.
  18. Yeah, though I was there 1 night when it was randomly hopping and they were completely out of chicken. It was gonna take like an hour to make a new batch, so I had to go. Crushing.
  19. mouse


    If I liked the food better, I'd do office more. The Montclair location is the closest to my parents'. Going back to sports bars, I like that places are starting to feel pressure to get better stuff on tap. Unfortunately, with The big three making fake crafts, or buying the old breweries makes it too easy for bars to just order from them, which isn't good for craft beer growing. And, good as Goose is, The creativity, good and bad, that comes from independent craft brewers puts any of the half crafts to shame. Much as I enjoy being able to drink Goose or Bluepoint damn near anywhere when I used to be stuck with Bud, I'd rather craft brewers be able to grow more freely.
  20. Forgot them. They're great. Way better than Ferry BBQ imo.
  21. I don't like chipotle. Too much rice, too bland. Of course, in spoiled, since the taco joint on my block has $2.50 tacos with a ton of meat and veggies, and homemade sauce. Somebody asked about Ironnound restaurants before. I love Fernandes for steak, best I've ever had, though a bit pricy. For a nice, affordable meal, Casa Basca is great. Portucale is good as well, and they usually have good specials, though I haven't been there since the owner got arrested for laundering money for the mob... Some people swear by Hell's Kitchen for pre/post game, but I prefer Bello's, which is also right next to Penn Station.
  22. I don't have a problem with YS, though I respect the point others are making about it showing an inferiority complex. I think there are 2 real issues at games. The first is an overly aggressive attempt by ownership to sanitize things. Sporting events are not pg. they're fun, and kids can certainly go and have a great time, but they're gonnahear some things. As others have said in this thread, it's up to the parents to make sure their kids know that what they hear at the Rock stays at the Rock, and give some of the cheers context (while ignoring others). I applaud the owners trying to bring in more fans, and I'm more than fine with policing some of the more unsavory elements of the fan experience, but ownership has sometimes overreached, and by seemingly trying to create a Disney environment at games (something a fan base with some Mickey Mouse issues takes exception to), they've sometimes created a morgue. The other problem is the exact opposite. There is a growing group of fans whose antics resemble those of Flyers and Rags fans. The YS crowd has been unfairly lumped in with those guys, just like the anti-YS crowd has been lumped in with the sanitizes. Those fans do a lot more than yell "you suck." Whether they're spilling beer everywhere, shouting ridiculous, nonsensical obscenities around kids, or for that matter anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the game, for what seems like 3 straight hours, or, worse, starting fights with people out of some stupid need to protect their turf, they spoil the game for a lot of people. I don't think a game is like a job or a library (see above, and fwiw, i stand in the South Ward for Red Bulls games), but purchasing a ticket does not give you the right to do whatever the fvck you want. I also don't appreciate the fact that I felt the need to defend an away fan from my fellow Devils fans at one game. This crowd is still not huge, but they're getting worse, and the team's poor play isn't helping. I don't know how to solve these problems. I think policing drunk fans more aggressively, while ignoring the low level obnoxious stuff will help. I also think separating fans is a good thing. Yankee Stadium has family sections, and Red Bull Arena gave the South Ward to the supporters, so people who don't want to hear f bombs, or a couple thousand people singing to put someone against the wall and shoot him, can just hang out in other parts of the stadium, where they can feed off the supporters' passion without hearing all the details. This could especially help the Devils, as many fans straddle the line between passionate and annoying. Keeping them away from the sensitive is a good thing. Especially because it allows passionate fans to do their thing, without as much interference from an overzealous front office. For that matter, it allows the supporters to feed off of each other's energy without dealing with people who don't want to make noise. This was working with what became the Diablos before ownership (previous) got involved and fvcked that up. Short of major fixes, fans need to compromise. Don't be d!cks to kids, or more chill fans if you're louder, but don't expect a professional, profanity free, environment if you're not. Support the team without starting fights with other people. Stay passably sober, or at least sober enough to make good decisions. Stop whining that somebody talked trash against a rival at a sporting event.
  23. WAs the 2012 draft that deep?
  24. Unless you're expecting to keep making he finals, which no one, even the most optimistic fan, would do, it's stupid to keep the 29, unless you're sure that draft is so deep you'll get a big time player that late. We felt it wasn't then, we see evidence of that now. Very few people agreed with Lou keeping that pick. Even fewer do now.
  25. Going back to the original point of the article, no matter who is at fault, the team is clearly rebuilding. Our commentators, who are in theory paid to inform and entertain rather than kiss the collective @sses of the FO could be discussing which players should be here long term, what we can get for vets at the deadline, and the strengths and weaknesses of all positions going forward instead of pretending we might make the playoffs. The FO could act grateful to the STH who keep pouring money into a bad team, rather than raining prices a ton AND making it tougher to resell some tickets, either if people really can't make the game OR if they just want some cash. The team benefits from STH, especially seasons like this one where people become less and less inclined to go to games as the team plays worse. The FO needs to stop treating the die hards who are still willing to fund their product, even when it's piss poor, as the problem.
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