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  1. I've disagreed with sd before, but he makes a fair point here. If we weren't relying on Elias more than we logically should, we wouldn't be as concerned about a slow, but not embarassing start. Unfortunately, Elias may very well be our most important player next to Schneids.
  2. Part of the reason that's frustrating is that Elias in his prime could carry any line mate. If he can be productive with a good line at his age, I'd be happy, but even that would show that he's lost a step. In any case, as others have said, small sample size. Also, no matter what, he's given is a ton.
  3. Old habits die hard. I initially pictured CamJan trying to score a shootout goal (but only after shaking off his elbow pad) before remembering we have a better Cam now.
  4. This. Throw in Stoke and Rayo Vallecano in Europe. I used to love the Yankees, now I like them, but philosophically, I prefer the approach of a guy like Lou, who knows how to build talent without throwing a ton of money around, then the Yankees, and much as Yankees will always be my team, I'll watch fewer than half the games at this point. I tried to stop watching football, because I don't like the way the NFL has handled concussions, and realized I actually didn't miss it that much. I guess I'd rather the Giants win than anyone else, but I don't actually care. Knicks are my basketball team
  5. At least she makes points rather than just whining that everyone else is wrong.
  6. http://www.grayflannelsuit.net/blog/this-is-the-most-accurate-and-funny-map-of-new-jersey-ever
  7. We've beaten that horse into the ground, but since Carter's gone, who are you gonna ice as the 4th line center? Josefson has shown too many times that if he's going to be worth anything (and he may not be), he needs decent linemates. Short of moving Zubs back to center and dropping him to the 4th line, DeBo's hands are tied. I admit that's partially because of his and Lou's love for Gio, but at this point, he's their guy.
  8. Let's calm down a little. They won 3 in a row, and looked pretty good doing it. They played 1 terrible period against the Caps, then lost to a good Sharks team. Are they perfect? No. But the d is going to get better as the kids mature, and the top 3 lines actually look pretty solid. If Clowe can stay healthy, that line is going to have some very good games (as they already have).
  9. mouse


    Make sure you get to Three Floyds
  10. Do we watch the same NHL? At least Goodell isn't our commissioner, but we haven't exactly been blessed with logic or fairness from the NHL front office.
  11. And he has the right to "keep playing." I get preferring a $4 mil paycheck to what must be a much smaller one from the NHL, but we make decisions in life. If he's that dedicated to player safety, or bored doing nothing, he needs to retire and commit to this new job. If he cares more about the money (and i don't begrudge him that, he has a family, and having seen how fast guys with head injuries can see their health deteriorate, he should be concerned about their future), he should wait to take the NHL job. I don't really fault HIM for doing both, though I always thought he was a spoiled brat,
  12. If we still had Volch and Larsson was sitting, I'd be mad, but by letting Fayne walk and buying out Volch, the Devils gave the kid every chance to succeed. I'm not writing him off yet at all, and I don't know if PDB plans to sit him for long, but as of now, he lost a spot he was damn near guaranteed to a 20 year old. That's not PDB showing a bias toward older guys. I also don't buy that PDB has a problem with Europeans. Jagr has been great here. More apropos, Ruutu, whose style meshes well with DeBoer's has fit right in and taken a spot from Carter, a DeBoer guy. Maybe Larsson is good, but isn
  13. mouse


    [quote name="Bartholomew Hunt" post="1281629" timestamp="1412984520 I'm going out to San Diego on Sunday and driving back across the country with my friend who is done with his 4 years in the marines. Does anyone have any suggestions of breweries to stop at or bottles to pick up along the way? I would really like to go to Ballast Point in SD. I'd like to go to Uinta also but Salt Lake City is a little too far out of the way.
  14. This. D is in large part about positioning and reading plays. If you don't play games at nhl speed, you're gonna mess that up unless you skate like Nieds and can bail yourself out. Larssom may not get there, but the fact that he's not there at 21 doesn't scare me.
  15. Eh, as Tri said, this just makes it easy to call up Kinkaid in November, after he gets some AHL games. I'd be willing to be if Kinkaid sh!ts the bed and Clemmer's as expected, we can get SOMEONE then.
  16. There's a big difference between Yankees sox and Devils rags. Yankees six is to a large degree a relationship between equals. Storied franchises, die hard fan bases, crazy media with an annoying tendency to hype everything. Deep down, many Yankees and sox fans respect and understand each other. In hockey, rags have money and longevity. Devils have quality. Devils fans love and understand hockey. Rags fans love bad beer, the sound of their own voices, and spreading stupidity. This ensures that there will never be respect between the franchises (though we rightfully respect a guy like Lundquist
  17. White learned how to be a valuable, physical player without fighting. I know they play different positions, but IMO it's a valid comparison. Clowe will still be able to play physical and contribute without dropping the gloves. The real question us will eliminating/cutting back on fighting be enough to prolong his career anywhere near the end of the contract.
  18. Don't buy that Stevens is a prima Donna. He didn't whine to Chere, Chere asked other players. Since everyone played what we can now assume is DeBo's system, doesn't sound like Stevens created a locker room divide. Stevens seems to have left for valid reasons, both professional and personal. Since Albelin was waiting in the wings, this didn't have a negative effect on anything, even if the timing wasn't perfect.
  19. I never loved him when he was here. He always seemed a little indifferent/lazy. Obviously can't prove it, but something about him rubbed me the wrong way. I didn't really embrace him enough to get hurt when he took the money, so I'll continue to kinda not like him. May the best man win, but I'm hoping Josefson blows him away.
  20. mouse


    The epic imperial pumpkin porter is the best pumpkin beer I've ever has. Not sure if it'll make it this Far East, I had it in Utah, but if it does, get it.
  21. It IS about numbers. Teams regress to the mean. 2012 was a good fluke. Losing Parise hurt, but that team was supposed to get worse and did. Last year was a bad fluke. We should get better this year. Throw in some good patches by Lou, and we have a good shot at the playoffs, which are a crapshoot in the east anyway.
  22. mouse


    Wouldn't worry too much; I couldn't stand crime brûlée stout either, way too sweet, and I actually like sweet beers.
  23. Unless Scarlett's farther along than we think, not likely. We'd be short d, short of reading d for d, and I don't see anyone giving up someone better or cheaper. Gelinas has a ton of potential, but he's risky enough nobody's gonna give much up to get him.
  24. mouse


    It drives me crazy, because that used to be how I knew stores were bringing out old beer, but now the breweries are just out of whack with their seasonals.
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