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  1. Good point re. Matteau. Re. DeBoer, I'd agree if we had reason to be impressed with him. He's missed the cup 2 years in a row, though, and while he's done some things right, he's made some mistakes in youth development. I've given him the benefit of the doubt, because he's dealt with injuries, and bad rosters. If they stay fairly healthy, he doesn't have excuses this year. The forwards on this team are far from perfect, but there's decent talent for the right coach/system. If DeBo rolls Gionta, he doesn't know how to use the roster he has. Maybe I'll be wrong, and Gionta will play and they'll
  2. This team needs to roll 4 lines, and play all of them decent minutes. They can't expect Jagr to play the same minutes he played last year. The only way they have enough forward talent is if the 4th line is more like a traditional 3rd line, which means the kids will get minutes. I could see Boucher getting AHL minutes, but IMO Matteau is good enough to get top 9 minutes, or close to it. Even ignoring him, Gionta is not one of the top 12 forwards on this team. I've defended him in the past, but they absolutely need to move on. Gionta HAS played his way out of the lineup. Last couple years, th
  3. If that happens, he needs to be fired. This is the deepest group of forwards we've had in my memory. The 4th line is going to have to make some meaningful contributions, because our top 6 talent continues to leave a lot to be desired, especially since Jagr and Elias are each a year older. If Matteau, Boucher, and JJ are ready, they need to play over the old favorites.
  4. Cammaleri Zajac Jagr Henrique Elias Havlat Clowe Josefson Ryder Matteau Zubrus Ruutu Would like to see Boucher win the 3rd line spot, but don't see DeBo dumping Ryder, at least not yet. When Havlat gets hurt he'll get his shot. Not that I want to see Havlat get hurt, but we all know it's happening.
  5. And let's not ignore that zachs contract is lousy. At the time, with a bad Kovy contract on the books and a broke owner, we couldn't take a second. Even with a rich owner, it would be stupid to sign another guy to a stupidly long contract. It sucks to lose our guys. Sometimes it's Lou's fault, and the situation could have been avoided, but more often than not, another team offers someone stupid money, and Lou rightfully refuses to compete for him.
  6. mouse

    The East is the Key

    Agreed. I like Greene/Merrill as a top pairing, think Merrill's ready, at least with Greene helping out. Sal and Zid can be used strategically, Sal a lot on the PK, Zid on the PP, limit their 5 on 5 minutes.
  7. Di Maria too, guess he's more of a winger, but he shoots a ton, and he's another threat.
  8. It was tough, but we survived the Group of Death. Just glad when I get to Brazil finally, the US will still be there.
  9. mouse


    I like triples, so I may not be the best person to go by, but Stone in general is my favorite brewery, and they specialize in IPAs. I actually prefer their session beer, Levitation, which still tastes pretty IPAish to some of their actual IPAs. They're also doing some interesting stuff, mixing some Belgian yeasts with IPA hops and the like. I'm also a huge fan of Great Divide Titan IPA, though I got a bad 6 pack last time. On an unrelated note, just picked up a bottle of Allagash Curieux. As some of you may have noticed, I am often attracted to whiskey beers. Sometimes this attraction leads
  10. Great class. Burns deserved this honor while he was still alive to enjoy it, but it cements his legacy as an all time great coach. Just glad we were lucky enough to reap the benefits, though he didn't get nearly enough time.
  11. mouse


    Had the chance to try a bunch of beers from Other Half, all of them excellent. They're a new operation in Brooklyn. Here's hoping they're able to establish themselves.
  12. Is this acquaintance of a friend the security guard at CAA?
  13. Terms have to be right -- we just got out from under that albatross of a contract. I think Lou is forgiving, which is probably a good quality here, but Kovy would have to be willing to take less money.
  14. Season got ugly, but now that he's had time to think, he was as classy as any of us could have hoped. Glad he said that. No matter what, he'll always be a Devil. Thanks for everything.
  15. This hurts. This season sucked, but I was hoping it was the end. That we were going to move forward as a franchise after a year of putting up with Marty aging ungracefully. I was even hoping we would begin to recover from losing Zach and Kovy in back to back seasons. I know that the 2 things aren't connected, but after spending much of this season agonizing because of and with Marty, I find it tough to bring him back. The end is going to be bad. It already is. Time to rip the bandaid off.
  16. Kings fans are idiots. Not on the level of Rags or Flyers fans, but idiots nonetheless, many of them bandwagon idiots. This guy may be the worst, but what a pathetic group of people. Since I also don't like Dustin Brown, I really want Chicago to win. If LA wins game 7, I'll have to pull for them, but I'd rather move to a different country and find a new sport.
  17. mouse


    I mostly agree with you, as long as they keep independent ownership. I don't care that Sam grew a ton. I do care that Goose and Blue Point sold a large portion of their companies. IMO there's too much evidence of the big 3 stifling creativity and trying to force the smaller breweries out of the market, so even if Goose's product is still good (and if I'm at a bar with no craft brands, you'd better believe I drink Goose and like it), IMO it's bad for the craft industry as a whole, and therefore for the quality and originality we enjoy in our beers, that they sold out. I'll never fault a brewer
  18. I'm going through the stages of grief already. Frighteningly, I think I've reached acceptance.
  19. mouse


    Haven't been able to find that one, but whenever Brooklyn has released a special barrel aged, I've liked it, and I've had a problem with a lot of other breweries' versions.
  20. mouse


    Palace has been crazy since Pulis took over. They might have decided the title more than anyone else.
  21. No complaints. Obviously not a long term fix, but he was the long bright spot last year.
  22. mouse


    I see Everton stealing a point from City, especially at home. No one has been able to do what they needed to when they controlled their own destiny, and I don't see City bucking that trend, especially against an Everton team that, while they've made some mistakes recently, has a ton of pride, enough talent, and something to play for. IMO if Liverpool can do what they're supposed to (big if, since they're arguably the least talented of the top 3), it's still theirs to lose, even if City has the mathematical edge now.
  23. mouse


    Champs league depresses me this year. Don't have any love for Bayern, but I'm probably rooting for them. Hate Chelsea, City, and PSG, for obvious reasons. Also hate the fascist ultras both the Madrid clubs have (and I'm not a Barca fan). Would have loved to see Dortmund get through. At least the Noveau Riche clubs see to be blowing the Prem. I can get behind the Scousers winning it, even with Suarez.
  24. mouse

    Rupp Hit on Oshie

    Hence I agree with the suspension, but am also not that pissed at Rupp for the hit.
  25. mouse

    Rupp Hit on Oshie

    I was a Rupp fan when he was with us, so maybe I'm biased, but that hit didn't look terrible. Obviously, the result was bad, but we cheered a lot of Stevens hits that looked awfully similar. I know the rules have changed, hence penalty and suspension, but he didn't go out of his way to raise his shoulder, Oshie had just gotten rid of the puck, and Rupp was already moving in. The flip side, even if Oshie still had the puck, he was getting hit in the head, and we don't want to see that, but I've seen worse hits than that. I also don't know that Rupp intentionally targeted the head. It's entirely
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