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  1. This. If his game filled a void on this team, year, take him. It doesn't. He's probably better than Ruutu, but not as much as we think, and they're not that much different. If they were paid similar amounts (Clarkie a little more, but not much) and we could get rid of Ruutu, maybe Clarkson would come in handy. As it is, though, it would be a move to make a move, or a sentimental ex-Devil signing, just like all the moves we've flamed Lou for in the past.
  2. I don't like the idea of taking someone for the sake of taking someone and, to me, that's what Clarkson is. This team has its share of hard working grinders. It needs better skaters, and more creative players who can make their linemates better and create their own shots. Good as Clarkson can be at those nasty deflections around the net, he doesn't actually generate offense, and his skating is ... special. I loved him when he was here, at the right price, I'd have resigned him, but we have Clowe, CBGB, and Ruutu, who kind of do what Clarkson does. Maybe not as well, but at best, we'd trade one
  3. Lou may not have brought it up, but you're never getting max value for a player coming off an injury. Ever. That makes trading Zach a piss poor idea that offseason. So unless you think he should have gutted a team that looked pretty good at the deadline, and eventually went to the finals, I don't get what you want to do. If I was wrong about the effect of the injury on negotiations when he was RFA, sorry, but it doesn't affect my overall point. I'm willing to be swayed by a convincing argument, I've just seen nothing but anecdotes that are at best tangentially connected. Hell, I've changed my
  4. I actually liked him better than Elias initially. Obviously, Elias is now one of my all time favorites, in a way Sykkie isn't, but that's not a negative on Sykkie. A great Devil, who was a star of 1 Cup team and another finalist, and a key cog on another team that ran to the finals.
  5. Zach was coming off a major injury. We didn't know how good he was going to be, and neither did anyone else. That's part of why he only got a 1 year deal when he was RFA. Nobody would have given anything great to get Zach that offseason. So unless you trade him in the middle of the season, on a team that would go on to the finals, when all indications were we were 1 of 2 teams with a good chance of signing him, there was no way to make a good trade. If you have real solution, for Zach Parise, rather than an example of what a different team, with 2 much different players did, then stop bringing
  6. Which is a good thing, and I'll call this season a success if (and it's a big if) we don't resign Marty and Larsson comes back strong and ready to go next year. If he doesn't, I'll always question the decision to send him down for Sal and Volch, especially considering how good he looked before the injury.
  7. I don't want to rebuild, per se, but IMO you need to start making decisions for the future rather than the present, which to me includes getting guys like Larsson time in the NHL rather than burying them in the AHL. I could see sending Gelly down, because there are specific flaws in his game he needs to fix, but Larsson just needs to get better playing elite talent, and that's not going to happen in the AHL. IMO, Larsson is better than Sal, and probably Volch. Even if I'm wrong, Larsson needs to be in games over them.
  8. Or those guys played on complete lines... We have Tuomo Ruutu on our top line right now. We have Brunner anchoring Elias and Henrique on the 2nd. We have Ryder and Clowe playing without a center on the 3rd. None of that is DeBoer's fault, and before you say change the lines, these are the most effective lines we've had all season. I'm a hug Lou defender, but Larsson in Albany so we can play Sal and Volch is enough to make me consider firing him. The roster isn't DeBoer's fault, and much as he's taken sh!t for the way he's handled young players, Gelly's had plenty of chances, Merrill's got a
  9. I agree. I'm just willing to eat crow if I'm proved wrong next year. Don't expect to be.
  10. With the Devils, it isn't. In the Yankees case (and most of neboors' examples), the team was losing a ton of money on scalpers, since they will always have a ton of STH. The Devils and Red Bulls need all the help they can get filling seats. As has been said on this board, at least the Devils got some concession money the games where JVB practically gave tix away. I get what the owners are doing, but they don't have enough STH to be anything but grateful to you. If they alienate the fans, things could get ugly for them in a way they never will with a more popular team. Much of the Devils rece
  11. That's assuming there are buyers. Most people buy from the secondary market because there are good deals there, not some altruistic desire to help STHs. If we were a team that sold out every game, and fans were desperate for tickets, I could see this, but there isn't that much demand for Devils tickets. They just want to get as much of the available money as they can. BTW, I can't prove that; I probably know less than you, but I'm willing to stand by this prediction. If you're getting more money next year, I'll be more understanding of this policy, even if I personally would not want to buy
  12. I just got Red Bulls season tix this year, and they went out of their way to explain how to give tickets away. They don't care at all about selling, them, hell, they just wanted it to be simple. I get that soccer is the number 6 sport in this country, so MLS has to be extra nice to the fans they have, but there's a reason MLS is growing fast while MLB falls apart. Also, the Devils, as the 9th most popular team in the market, are a lot closer to MLS than the Yankees. They should really be treating the fans they have like gold.
  13. This. It's not hockey. It's a skills competition. They appeal to casual fans, which nets the league a little cash, so they're not going anywhere, but fvck them.
  14. I've been pissed at Marty this year, and I've defended him. I also think he's played way too much whether you like him or not. The thing is, though, Marty's earned the right to go out badly in a way Kovy didn't. He was the greatest of all time. He was a major part (IMO the most important) on 3 Cup teams. He sacrificed at least some money for the good of the team. 1 bad year doesn't undo 20 great ones to me. Kovy, even though he was a model citizen for much of his time here, didn't build up that kind of capital with me, and when he left as badly as he did, I couldn't forgive him. It has nothing
  15. They also play badly when the game opens up. Those quick rushes killed them in the outdoor game and the Sharks game. They need to play tight, slow the game down, and establish the forecheck. Even when they were playing well last night, they weren't playing their game. It was going to go to hell.
  16. I dunno. I've gone after Marty in the past (more when he was in his prime, actually), but IMO he can't win right now. He believes he's better than he is, which is sad, but he's also answered the questions fairly, even if we don't agree with his own evaluation of his play. I don't want to see him get in, but I don't fault him for what he said.
  17. There's no good way to respond. Everyone knew he wanted to be traded, so short of saying I'm mad I didn't get traded, I don't know what else Marty could say. He may or may not GET the playing time he wants -- that's on DeBoer -- but he was going to say this, or we were going to attack him for being a bad teammate, wanting out, etc. He couldn't win. Hopefully, DeBoer plays him sparingly, and he accepts it quietly. Of course, that's going to be difficult if guys like Chere keep approaching him for the same tired quote to report the same boring story, because Marty probably won't keep his mouth s
  18. mouse


    Just finished the last of my bottles from Germany. I really need to go back... My favorite was the Hacker-Pschorr Animator doppelbock. It exemplified what became my favorite thing about German beer: the complexity. It was somewhat sweet, like most high ABV, malty beers. I like that, in case my past post haven't made that obvious. But there was more to this beer. It had another malt flavor, one that was almost bready, like pumpernickel.The multiple flavors really complemented each other well, and made it one of the best beers I've had. The other beer I got was the Warsteiner Konig Ludwig D
  19. This. Bryz is a better goalie for them at this point. Maybe if Lou worked faster they take Marty instead, but they got a better player.
  20. mouse

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    Pretty much this. I was listening on the radio (got out of work late), and Matt and Sherry were saying the same thing -- the Devils are going to need to ride their backup (they think it will be Marty) a bit down the stretch with all the back to backs. This was pretty much a perfect game to rest Cory, even ignoring the sentiment. If they go back to the 1 1A thing, then I have a problem, but IMO playing Marty against a bad Isles team and an injured Detroit team is more keeping Cory fresh than anything else.
  21. That's why I'm saying we need to get 2 points against them. IMO we need at least 4 points in those games, preferably 5.
  22. I think we can split those, as long as we beat Carolina. We need to stop going to OT in winnable games, though.
  23. And now they're "giving" with Salvador.
  24. mouse


    Just got back from taking a group of my students to France, Germany, and Switzerland. Couldn't drink on the trip (torture in Munich), but picked up a couple bottles to bring home. So far, I've drank Eichof lager (nothing special, but we drove past the brewery in Lucerne, and I wanted to try it), Kostritzer Schwarzbier, and Augustinerbrau helles. The Kostritzer was fine. I didn't think it was special, but I may just not be a huge fan of Schwarzbier, since most people say it's the best example of the style. The Augustinerbrau was one of the best beers I've ever had. It managed to be complex, but
  25. I'm not saying the Devils shouldn't trade him, if that's what he wants. I'm just hoping no trade materializes, especially since no good can come out of him playing another season. I think if he doesn't get traded, no one signs him, and he eventually comes to terms with the fact that he's finished. Giving him another year won't change the inevitability of that.
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