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  1. It's not, because he's washed up, or close to it. People don't remember Willie Mays as a Met; they remember him as a Giant. Plenty of people do remember Willie being bad for the Mets. If Marty was as good as Joe Montana was, I would support his leaving. He's not. Marty shouldn't play next year, for us or anyone. He has the right to do what he wants, and I'll feel no bitterness toward him for leaving, but for his own sake, he should play out the stretch with the Devils and retire at the end of the season.
  2. Ott may end up being the key player in the deal, seeing as the Blues were good in goal all along.
  3. In a perfect world, Marty retires in June as a Devil. We don't live in that world. I've said it before, but Marty's greatest strength in his prime was his supreme confidence. Now that he's not the best (by a long shot), that confidence becomes a detriment. I'm hoping against hope that someone gets through to Marty and he retires as a Devil, with some dignity, so everyone remembers him as the GOAT rather than just another guy who hung on for too long. If he leaves, so be it, and I'll wish him the best wherever he goes, as long as it doesn't hurt the Devils, but the guy who gave up money for the
  4. mouse


    This. The mom and pop liquor stores seem willing to stock a ton of wine, but the big 3 for beer. There's 1 great mom and pop near me, but even they don't have as much as Bottle King, just a great staff, and a couple of hard to find beers from around the world.
  5. What sucks is, if it wasn't for the multiple lockouts, Marty gets to 700 easy. I don't think he's compiling; I think he loves playing and still thinks he's better than he is, but he fvcking earned that milestone.
  6. Even if it is, a 30 minute (at most) tribute about 19 times (last game of last road series) distracts no one, since they'll all be warming up. Maybe Jeter will get some cheers instead of boos, which again distracts no one. The question about who the next shortstop is, or if Jeter is hurting the team by sticking around is a much bigger issue. Same with Marty. If he announces his retirement, some people cheer for him. Especially in Montreal. Instead, the team, especially Schnieder, have had to deal with obnoxious questions, especially by Chere, all year long. Not that our threads are perfect, bu
  7. Agree with pretty much everything. If Lou trades an old d-man, I'm fine with the rest, but Larsson and Merrill need to be playing at this point.
  8. I agree, but after the sh!t finish last year, there's something to be said for shaking up the room, getting guys a little uncomfortable. IMO it wouldn't have mattered either way -- they started like sh!t, but they were trying -- but when you play really badly, your comfort level doesn't get to matter much.
  9. Don't see the Sharks wanting him. They've been high on Stalock as a possible starter for awhile, so I would be surprised if they dump him for a washed up vet. Especially since Niemi's been fine as the man.
  10. IMO 76 has it right. The money is a benefit, but it's a small one compared to all the other ones, especially getting the media off Jeter's back.
  11. If he hadn't been talking to Suter during the playoffs, I'd be fine with him. I'm just mad our captain was thinking about free agency (and talking to a guy on a different team) while his team was playing for the Cup. Don't think it mattered, just left a bad taste in my mouth, which I'm still not over.
  12. mouse


    No question. Like I said, I don't plan to buy Blue Point anymore.
  13. mouse


    I hate seeing this, because I don't want the big 3 to force out the real craft brewers by outspending them, but a friend of mine took a tour of Goose Island, expected to be disappointed, but wants to get into the industry, so wasn't going to miss out, and was actually impressed by how well InBev treated the brewers, and the attitude they had toward the product. Not sure I'll buy Blue Point anymore; I'd rather spend my money on an independent business, but the quality should stay the same.
  14. Fair. I just hate to risk losing the points against a team as sorry as Edmonton.
  15. I don't. Cory gets a nice long rest during the Olympics. Ride him hard now, try to maximize the points.
  16. mouse

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    I'll give you the PK. While the shots against are low, they give up a lot of quality shots, which is a concern. They need to be perfect to do their jobs. Because they're both smart vets, they often are, but a faster player can fix a mistake. If Sal or Volch get any slower, like playing through an injury, likely considering how physical they both are, they become completely worthless.
  17. mouse

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    IMO he's gotten better with that, or had before the injury. And I'd rather have Larsson's turnovers than Sal and Volch, who are so immobile, they get beat even when they don't do much wrong (especially Sal lately).
  18. mouse

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    IMO he trusts Sal and Volch too much, but otherwise, he's been willing to bench guys. I don't know the JJ is a 4th liner. I have a problem with Gio getting 2nd line minutes, but I have no problem with him playing on the 4th line rather than JJ. Not all of our rookies have regressed -- Larsson was better this year before the injury than he was the past 2. We may not like where he is, but he has certainly not regressed. Gelly did a great job until the league figured him out, which happens to everyone. Merrill has improved. JJ has without question regressed, but I'm willing ot withhold judgment,
  19. mouse

    Fire DeBoer Thread

    What teams have bad hands that are doing better? The Devils lost Kovalchuk unexpectedly after planning their future around him. While this may help long term, it left them with huge roster issues. Most experts had them finishing near last in the east. Instead, they're right in the playoff race, despite playing a tough schedule. DeBoer has done an admirable job getting new faces used to each other/his system, weathering the storm early in the season, dealing with Marty's ego, and keeping the team playing hard, even when things go badly. He has played Sal and Volch way too much, at the expense
  20. I wouldn't. I want him to retire a Devils with as much dignity as possible. He's earned it.
  21. Was anyone else kind of sad watching the 2000 Finals highlights last night? I'd almost forgotten how fvcking good Marty was in his prime. I always appreciated his durability, consistency, intelligence, and mental toughness, but he was so fast. The past couple years of watching him as an old, slow goalie dulled my memory of his athleticism in the crease (not just skating out to make passes). Seeing the highlights was a nice reminder of that, but also how far he's fallen.
  22. mouse

    Please Delete

    Put a hat on, no one will notice it.
  23. I've defended Marty on these boards a lot, but lately, he's not only played badly, he's put his foot in his mouth, being a questionable teammate. For a lesser player, some of the sh!t he's said to the media would be unforgivable (even if Chere's trolling for a quote). It's legit to call Marty on some of his sh!t, history or not.
  24. This. The other thing is, one of Marty's greatest assets, possibly the greatest, was his ability to bounce back. How many times did we watch him regroup between periods to keep the game close and give them a chance of a comeback, or between games to come up huge in the next one? Well, all of that's a result of confidence. He always believed he was the best goalie in the world, and that his bad moments were fixable and fluky. For much of his career, he was right, and it allowed him to avoid long streaks of bad play. Now, he has the same mentality, and his body won't back it up. It sucks, but it
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