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  1. Marty's never pulled punches, and he's always believed he's great. The former is a small annoyance that becomes bigger when he plays badly, the latter is the reason he was great, which is a major inconvenience now that he's not. He's done, but nothing he said in the interview is out of character, nor is it that bad. Throw in the fact that Chere's articles this year about Brodeur have basically been trolling, and we're giving this way more attention than it merits.
  2. Not attacking Marty, but goalies need to save you some games, and there was a stretch in the second where Marty could have saved at least SOME shots, which makes it a different game. He gave up 3 goals in a row, a couple of which went through his legs. A couple times, Marty was slow coming across the goal mouth, and never got his feet set, which meant he couldn't adjust to deflections. If the shots were unpredictable, I'd get it, but everyone knew who was going to be shooting, and the ice was slow enough that the passes weren't exactly crisp. I don't want to beat on Marty here, but he was off,
  3. I still want Gelly playing. He needs to take his lumps. Sal's gonna be gone in a couple years. I'd rather Gelly be good then. Also, Gelly brings more to the table with his offensive game. If Sal isn't playing boring, flawless d, he does nothing. I don't know that Sal's worse than Gelly, or even Fayne (though I think he is), I just prefer to see the kids playing. Also, fair or not, Fayne is probably the best candidate to be traded, so he needs to be showcased. Games like this don't exactly help...
  4. Arguably, it's impressive that they're this close. They've had a ton of injuries, have a ton of new faces, including rookies, to break in, and weren't that great to begin with. I hope they have 1 huge run in them, which propels them in, but being close is pretty good all things considered.
  5. It was a bad game. Marty was terrible, and the D was bad. The d has played well recently, but played stupid trying to do too much. If they get back to basics and bench Sal or Volch for one of the kids, that gets easier. Also, Marty has to save some of those breakaways. Almost every hockey games have runs for each team. A good goalie keeps his team in the game during bad runs. Marty did the opposite today. I love him, and wanted him to step it up today (and thought he would), but it didn't happen. They need to ride Cory as hard as they can for the rest of the season. They're still in this thing
  6. And he hasn't been hung out THAT badly. Rushes are bad, but on all of them, all Marty's had to do is cover half the net. The dman who got back has taken out the first shot, making the Rags predictable as hell.
  7. I still think this was a good game for Marty to start, and that scares me. A lot. If he can't make a save against a team he knows, on a weird surface where it's hard to pass, how's he gonna do better on good ice against anyone else? I know he's sometimes better, but if I'm the Devils and he's playing, I have no confidence.
  8. Too many rushes, but Marty's got no mobility in front of the goal mouth. Most of those rushes, the dman took out the puck handler. Marty has to get across for the pass. I was in favor of him playing this game for sentimental and practical reasons. I thought if he was going to be decent for a game, this would be it. But he's been terrible.
  9. Sorry, somebody said that seriously in a different thread, so joke went over my head this time.
  10. That's a terrible idea. Hopefully, the game gets sloppy (the ice should be less than perfect). Marty's always been good when things get chaotic.
  11. I don't see that being likely. He's no more than a 4th liner.
  12. This. He's no more than a 4th liner, but he's done that well, and when called upon to fill in for an injury, he didn't embarrass himself, even if he didn't produce a ton. That's about what you want from your 4th line (and Bernier's been the best of that group). I'm not holding onto CBGB memories, but no one has done better, even when given chances. I don't agree with this expectation that our 4th line should magically be more than a 4th line. That's a rare miracle.
  13. We watching the same team? He's no superstar, but he's playing on the 4th line. He's done a decent job as a fill in on the good lines too.
  14. You may be right. It certainly wouldn't surprise me, but like Tri said, they may have seen some things we can't prove (the missed passes from Jagr). Either way, I do think he benefits from AHL time, and even if the timing isn't perfect, long term this helps him.
  15. Whatever the reason, I have no problem with this move. IMO he still has a lot of developing to do, and while he's done fairly well, and is better than most of his replacements, he may develop more in the AHL. If they do call him back up quickly, he's played well enough as well. Right now, Reid's really in a no lose position.
  16. I was responding to people who said he was overpaid, not you in that regard.
  17. Then again, if you call Elias our top center (which he is, based on production, even if his face-offs are terrible), Zajac is our number 2 center, and is one of our 2 best penalty killers and back-checkers, and our best face-off guy. Is he overvalued since he's paid more than Elias? Maybe. Then again, Elias is a crazy good value IMO.
  18. If you're going to criticize Zajac's weakness (points) and its effect on the team, you have to acknowledge his strength and its effect on the team. IMO the Devils' greatest strength this season has been their d. Considering how many injuries they've faced, and how many kids they've broken in (not to mention having to carry Marty in a couple of bad games), they've needed a lot of help. The backchecking of guys like Zajac and Elias (who's also been hurt) has been huge toward that end. It doesn't show up on the stat sheet, and we definitely need more scoring from our top guys, but if we've lost g
  19. Agreed with this. I also think, like I said before, that if Marty's going to get games, this is actually a fairly good one to give him, even ignoring the sentiment. Considering how long it's been since Schneider played a full season as the starter, I don't think you can ride him as hard as you could Marty in his prime, so you're gonna have to get Marty some games.
  20. I'm sorry I respect the greatest goalie of all time. It's crazy of me, I know. Also, I said I wouldn't object to Cory playing every game. I still stand by my statement that Marty has played this group of Rangers well this season (including a game during their current hot streak). Be more of a fvcking dumb ass. It seems all the Marty haters on here are. This
  21. Wait? It's better for a goalie to play a game in which his team is more likely to score? I had no idea. Marty has played well against the Rags. Maybe he gets up more for those games, maybe he knows their tendencies better, but some of his best games this year have been Rags games. Throw in the fact that the ice will probably be sloppy, which should minimize everyone's skill, and this isn't a bad game to play him.
  22. I'm not bashing Cory at all, just saying if you're gonna give Marty a game, the Rags might be the best team for him to play, based on past returns this year.
  23. mouse


    Split my growler of Eis Bock with a buddy yesterday. It was completely worth the hangover today. It's a bit sweet, anything with an ABV of 14.4 is gonna have some sweetness, but there's a pleasant malt flavor that really keeps the sweetness from becoming too prevalent. I really like the yeast and barley High Point uses, it gives their beers an excellent flavor. The Eis Bock is expensive to make, so it's rare as hell, but definitely worth making the trek next time they release it.
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