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  1. No, it doesn't. So tired of people wanting "class" and censorship at games. saw this suggested on Facebook... would be funny for a chuckle if we used it
  2. haha I was thinking that this afternoon! damn it, now it's stuck in my head...
  3. Nah just like that jagoff Harry Reid is saying right now, "All or nothing". Tired of this wave of censorship at sporting events.
  4. FAIL Jeez why don't we just say "Guidoland"? Everyone thinks NJ residents are the cast of Jersey Shore anyway...
  5. I'd rather we get the kinks out early. You don't want to be one of those teams that storms out of the gate, and peaks before Christmas and then sucks the second half of the season because you burned yourself out trying to get far enough away from the rest of the pack. Then you might just stumble into the playoffs with no momentum. Better this happens now than 2 or 3 months from now.
  6. Well, having a "jersey" band for the goal song is a little cliche I guess. But then again, I just don't like anything Bon Jovi's done since the 80s, and I never liked Springsteen so... If not "Running with the Devil" by Van Halen I would have picked a higher energy song of theirs like "Panama" yeah it has nothing to do with hockey, the state, the team whatever, just has some energy to it. Could always go back to "Whoomp! There it is"...
  7. So tired of hearing how good Tavares and Grabner are...
  8. just make it something that makes sense - Running with the Devil by Van Halen. (I like Panama too)
  9. seriously, sucks we had to drop the first game, but it was on the road, and good to get a bad game out of our system early. Hopefully a game that piss-poor will be rare this season. Brush it off and come back strong tomorrow in our house
  10. it's Pink week again...whenever I see them do this I think why not just do this instead?
  11. Have to wonder if this is really Marty's account or someone posing as him or on his behalf. Doesn't Lou have a no-social media policy? In any case, get ready to hear boos when Jagr touches the puck, you know they're coming. Schneider get baptized by fire and let's GET A WIN!
  12. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151652837957055&set=a.118935977054.103358.110576042054&type=1&theater If anyone lives near Chester (about 15-20 mins west of Morristown) and has kids, this would be a great place to pick pumpkins and meet a couple Devils Alumni. They do this every year, and I do see Alstede Farms advertised at the games from time to time. Always wonder how many people have any idea where it is. I live the next town west of there but I go by that farm often and this time of the year the place is packed with cars and busses. I think two years ago they did their corn maze and if viewed from the air, it was the Devils logo.
  13. wow can tell its an unfiltered mic in the arena. No F-bombs censored. awesome!
  14. hahaha who in the crowd just yelled out "See ya in two minutes, cupcake!" classic
  15. you can try streaming the arena video and WFAN radio commentary at the same time...
  16. Wouldn't put it past them... these are Philthy fans we're talking about. Zero class, and no brains. Now fans of both sides I can hear having a chant war in the stands on the official stream
  17. amusing, the media still thinks Kovalchuk and Parise were the whole team.
  18. haha eh, just a little thing I threw together the other night. came out pretty well for an obvious photoshop
  19. now time for the flyers goal song...duh duh duh duhduhduhduh
  20. It's only preseason but it would still be sweet to beat these guys. Set the tone for the season
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