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  1. the Rangers "song" sounds like someone with a stomach ache, then just "hey! Hey! hey he hey!" is it even a part of a real song, or something they made up? They're just desperately trying to stop anyone from being able to fit in a "you suck" or anything considered negative toward the opposing team or its fans, which if that's why they're doing it, then I just can't agree with them. Changing it because it's lame, played out, or because the song writer was a pedobear, ok I can agree with that, but you can't just go all crowd police on people and censor what they say because little ears hear it and parents get all butthurt. It's a pro sporting event, people are going to yell naughty things, deal with it. Teach your own kids to ignore and/or not repeat what they heard, instead of demanding the arena management go naging everyone to be nice. As long as it doesn't escalate to violence, what's the problem? I also can't agree with people complaining it's "classless" or "juvenile". It's fans being fans, and that's it. Leave the 'class' for the next nominee for the Lady Byng and the guys on the ice.
  2. Shutout the Rangers and season starts soon... only a few more days to go!
  3. Radio stream here (after the ads close) http://www.vipleague.se/ice-hockey/254063/2/new-jersey-devils-vs-new-york-islanders-live-stream-online.html Cammaleri just scored 1-0 Devils
  4. I don't mind what they pick as long as it isn't something campy or dulled down like how they added that lame "Let's Go devils" last season...and that they aren't picking something just because it's "safe" and "family friendly" that no one can think of a way to sneak something PG-13, PG or R in... The kids already know every swear, innuendo and double entendre in the book, let it go. Pro sports will never be a 100% wholesome thing to do.
  5. Thank you MSG for caring more about the Rainjahs and Islanders than the Devils... dicks. At least last time they re-broadcasted the Flyers telecast...
  6. ugh we gotta hear Flyers announcers!?
  7. Rangerstown ha! They totally ripped that off from Detroit's "Hockeytown" Can't they be original in anything?
  8. basically, the NHL wants to monetize everything, and make sure anyone who gets their official stats pays for them. Securing a revenue stream
  9. none of the questions I'd ask have nice words
  10. Not a fan of fining players for diving, just give a 5 min major if it's that big of a problem. The trapezoid was a stupid invention and doesn't need to be made bigger. Obviously blatant puck over the glass - yes, penalty. Incidental, no, just get a new puck and have a face off from the circle if need be. I am a huge fan of the no spin-o-rama, no more of these stupid tricks taking a penalty shot, just take the damn shot already, though I'm an avid hater of the shootout altogether anyway... They've come up with pretty stupid rules lately...
  11. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=729920&navid=DL|NHL|home
  12. All they really care about is TV time to get ad revenue. They pick teams that are household names everyone knows about to get the maximum viewers. Their love affair with Queen, Crosby, Ovechkin, any "Original Six" team and the LA Kings are why we keep seeing the same old teams, even if they mixed us, the Islanders and the Ducks in last year.
  13. eh, a number is just a number. who cares what number they wear as long as they play for what's on the front
  14. Yeah, I watch the new ones when they come on just to say I've seen them. I think the only character I'm not particularly fond of is Lisa, the blatantly obvious Liberal/Feminist/Hippie/etc. I mean it's one thing to have that character, but to be that in your face about it. It's like American Dad with the daughter, Hailey I think...?
  15. would be nice i the practice of blacking out sports telecasts would end. not every game is going to be a sell out, some people just can't get to games but still want to watch their team. NFL doesn't have that problem, especially around here because the Giants and Jets have been sold out for decades, I've never seen a Devils game blacked out before in 20 years watching but since we don't sell out every game it could be possible and that would suck
  16. Jagr only one up for an award? pretty sad. We need to work on getting more of our names on the nominee list for next year. Though half these awards to me just seem like a reason to have a pomp and circumstance awards show in Vegas.
  17. Legion15

    Caption This:

    yeah, well considering they seemed to be otherwise betting the farm on St Louis and Nash... the rest played like typical scumbag Rangers
  18. I wish we would do this, but Lou would never approve. He'd say it's poor taste or not very professional or something like that
  19. Will always be a Devil, yes, but perhaps with a little tarnish. Would have been best if he just got over himself and retired already. He was great in his day, but that day is passed. Pass on what you know to the next generation and bow out gracefully
  20. It always amazes me the amount of native New Jerseyans who are Rangers fans. I sort of get the whole "well my parents were Ranger fans"...but no, not really. It only makes sense if you were a transplant, other than that, you're just jumping on the NY team bandwagon. If there was a Jersey football team growing up, I wouldn't be a Giants fan.
  21. I just can't believe that with the system they play and the mish-mosh of "star" players they always try to build a team around. How it's working for them now I have no idea. Usually, they just rent a few big names and force them into playing like a team with the lesser guys, which eventually blows up in their faces. Gretzky, Messier, Leetch, the list goes on...they play them up so hard then retire their jersey. If it must be Rangers/Kings, go Kings.
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