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  1. Barring some miracle it looks like an LA/Rangers final. just what we need. LA wins, their bandwagon army of "fans" gets bigger, but if the Rangers win, ugh! Their fans will have a field day and immediately think they're better for winning 1 cup since 94 while we won 3, simply because they got in the playoffs and we didn't. And they'll lord it over us for the next year. I really can't believe they're having any success these playoffs with the players they have and the system they play...maybe this is just Bizarro World or something
  2. Everytime I hear Joe Thornton, I think of that stupid skate commercial with the derpy employees... "Yer Joe Thornton, man! herp derp"
  3. it was pretty easy if they just swapped winnipeg to the west and we got Nashville OR Columbus. Done, out the door...but noooooo they had to make this monstrosity with two 8 team divisions and two 7 team divisions :doh1: :doh1: :doh1:
  4. kicked, yes, but it went in off the goalie, not directly in off Carter's foot. They won't give it to him, but it's a goal. Sorry ref, Toronto. If he had kicked it directly in, I'd believe the ref, but this is a pretty poor call
  5. Stupid Flanders lol Just saw a clip they played on MSG when he played for Delbarton. I recognize the team they were playing in the two-tone blue - my alma mater West Morris Central yeah, native Jerseans these days being raised Ranger fans (or even Flyer fans for that matter) is an epidemic. There's a jersey team now, get on the bandwagon. My high school was split between Rangers/ Devils with 1 Flyers fan (dunno why) out of those who played/followed hockey. Most of the Ranger fans were just Ranger fans because their parents were, or they read too much into that team of '94
  6. The guy deserved it though. Wearing a Parise Wild jersey to Prudential Center at a Devils-Wild game in the first game after he sold out and "went home" to play for them would be seen as a troll on the Devils fans. This guy knew he would get a rise out of people so he just started acting like an ass. Ranger fans pull this $hit all the time. They yell out crap during the national anthem because they don't know when to show respect and keep their mouths shut, they goon it up after their team scores and they pick fans who they know will start stuff with them to try and make the more sensitive of us "embarrassed" for retaliating. I'm tired of people trying to push us to be a "kinder gentler" fan base. This isn't sarcastiball. We should be making it uncomfortable for opposing fans. Not to the levels, say Flyer fans go.. that's just too much, but we shouldn't be pansies either. Not advocating violence, but i don't see a problem with a few insults going back and forth, or yes, even a certain goal chant. If words get to you that much you need a thicker skin.
  7. get used to the "You Suck", it's not going anywhere despite their efforts to drown it out with piped in crowd noise and playing with the song. The management should just learn to live with it and stop with the futile efforts
  8. If he doesn't want to hear the boos, he shouldn't have sold out and "gone home"
  9. This is ridiculous. We should not be down to these guys. I don't care how many points they have or who their first line is it's official, the green is bad luck
  10. guys we gotta be on that top line like white on rice. Lucic can't be that open!
  11. eh, Marty's not wearing the red helmet, and Bob Arsena isn't announcing... and Marty's being a rebel and wearing black pants lol
  12. no way in hell that should count. NONE. if anything that should be Hartnell sitting for 2 for goaltender interference
  13. can't any whole-career Devil just retire with the Devils anymore and not retire with another team? Why can't we have more players like Daneyko who are career Devils? Are we going to be having the same talks about Elias now in a couple years when his contract is up? I dunno it was one thing with Neids going to Anaheim because he wanted the chance to play with his brother, but it's another with this whole Marty BS. I know he wants to play more but honestly I can't see anyone making him a starter and it kind of tarnishes his legacy a little bit if he doesn't end his career here after all he's done for the org.
  14. well at least he doesn't have to change his equipment colors much...
  15. Which is my reason one why I wish they would be removed from the game. If they want to do 5 min 4 on 4 then 5 min 3 on 3 fine, but then call it a TIE already. There doesn't have to be a winner every game.
  16. I think it'd be better for everyone if Marty just hung out the rest of the season and retired on top, instead of hanging around on the Devils, playing second fiddle to Cory and being forced to retire, or being traded and being another Devil that plays well for us, then goes to play for someone else and retire in their sweater. I'd like to see a top player for us retire with us for once!
  17. Oh no, how will we ever compete without yogurt!?
  18. Torts now has a new hit single following his suspension and temporary excommunication from the Canucks...
  19. I'm not saying our guys aren't to blame here but the refs are pretty accountable for at least a couple of the Ranger goals, and for that non-call on Stralman taking out Carter on his shot, that should have been at least a 2 minute, if not a penalty shot (would have preferred the 2 min given our penalty shot record). We just lost the drive and speed we had in the first, the bad calls and a bit of lucky bounces for the rangers. Seriously, I respect your opinion but we gotta also stop trying to blame Salvador for things. And Marty. It's like these guys are gods when they play well, but magnets for sh!t talk when they have a bad day. Just sounds like a broken record Yeah here we go with the "Fire DeBoer" calls again :rolleyes:
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