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  1. delayed because of sun glare? I figured they'd worry more about direct sun on the rink surface softening the ice.
  2. this, I mean stuff like this is edited to be positive, it's not the same thing as some knucklehead player tweeting something that embarrasses the team and causes a PR sh!tstorm
  3. goals is goals, and we needz 'em
  4. wow...we are kicking ASS tonight!
  5. wow 3 goal first period, those who couldn't make it to the game are missing a treat!
  6. Legion15

    Oh Tortorella

    What the hell set them off that they got into a line brawl right away? Did someone insult someone else's momma?
  7. hey, we gotta win one sometime
  8. classic, and who's that, Travis takin a selfie on the smartphone?
  9. fvck him. Would much rather see a low scoring game with good defense, than a game where we score a lot but give up just as many because we have no D
  10. lol I always thought of the Flyers as highway cones... or their current ones that look like a patchwork of previous designs with a wrong-color nameplate
  11. still can't believe that happened. Epic Win
  12. overskating too much. puck is bouncing over our sticks and guys skating right by it
  13. LOL Shaq! Can't find a jersey big enough for him
  14. always wondered why they picked green instead of black originally... when you think of the Devil, you would think Red and black right? Were they just trying to be original or something?
  15. whoopity-do! we have PartyPoker! all our problems are answered. What are they gonna do, make a poker room overlooking the ice now where even more people can pay for a ticket into the arena and not actually watch the game? Like the goal bar. You have to buy a ticket to get in the arena, then you go to the Goal Bar, where you can't take your drink out, must be consumed within the Goal Bar by law, can't take it to your seat. Then you are sitting at the arena watching the game on tv, when you could be in your seat in the stands watching it live right in front of you! Sorry, I'd much rather get the real experience, in a stadium seat, eating arena food and (overpriced) but semi-decent beer, keep your sushi, fillet Mignon and skyboxes thanks.
  16. I'd rather it be finally unveiling Stadium Series jerseys, but we're probably not getting anything special for it since we're the only one who hasn't unveiled anything by now. Hearing rumors they want to find some way of putting a casino in the arena, which I think is still illegal and Atlantic City might have a problem with that. But if they did, great, more people who buy a ticket to get in, but end up not paying attention to the game. I always wondered why people bother with the Goal Bar, you gotta buy a ticket to get in, you can't bring your beer you buy there to your seats (it has to be consumed within the Goal Bar area by law) and so you go all the way to the arena just to end up watching the game on TV like you would for cheaper at a bar or at home. Kind of silly
  17. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2014/01/devils_winger_dainius_zubrus_is_a_music_man_and_the_teams_dj.html He's a huge fan of Bon Jovi. Tolerates country music, but not before games...
  18. well hopefully Myers gets what's coming to him. Should have been 5min+ and a game misconduct. Isn't that exactly the type of hit they want to get rid of? http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=699136&navid=nhl:topheads
  19. that should be a good goal + powerplay!
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